A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay

Private Collection.


As an industry leader in Cape Town’s booming aparthotel sector, Totalstay™ continuously expands its compelling portfolio of luxury accommodations that merge the best of hotel-grade comfort with serviced apartment convenience. The surge in popularity of these multi-tenant residences, both internationally and locally, has propelled Totalstay™ to the forefront of South Africa’s fast-growing aparthotel market. Our dedication to the customer experience is evident in our wide-ranging services, including efficient booking management, 24/7 concierge support, round-the-clock maintenance, professional housekeeping, laundry, on-site duty management, and robust marketing across leading listing platforms.

Recent data from the accommodation industry reveals an impressive 89% increase in African aparthotels since 2008, compared to the 2015/16 figure, and a worldwide growth of 80%. This rising demand within both local and global travel sectors for high-quality, flexible accommodation has triggered the popularity of serviced apartments that offer hotel-level comfort alongside the autonomy of self-contained living. At Totalstay™, guests can expect a superior stay within our managed properties, with access to comprehensive guest services and amenities such as fitness centres, concierge, swimming pools, security, and housekeeping.

With prime locations across Cape Town, state-of-the-art apartments, and an array of facilities, our Aparthotels continue to show consistent growth year-round.

Committed to capitalising on the flourishing demand for premium accommodations, Totalstay™ actively seeks prospective properties with potential for transformation into profitable aparthotel products. This ever-growing segment presents a lucrative opportunity for property owners considering entering this market. Learn more about our innovative approach to aparthotel management in South Africa by reaching out to us today.


Totalstay™ is steadily growing its collection of Luxury Suites in Cape Town, blending the indulgence of top-tier hotel accommodations with the ease and functionality of serviced apartments. We’re dedicated to ensuring an outstanding guest experience, from the initial enquiry through to the final check-out.

The escalating demand for high-quality accommodation in local and international travel markets has brought forth the concept of serviced apartments, coupling the luxuries of a hotel with the flexibility of a self-contained, secure apartment. Within our expertly managed complexes, guests can indulge in a world-class stay, enriched by a range of on-site guest services and amenities, including fitness centres, concierge, swimming pools, security, and housekeeping.

Our portfolio encompasses an array of cost-effective, luxury serviced apartments, such as the renowned Elements Luxury Suites. With their strategic locations throughout Cape Town, our fully furnished modern apartments equipped with a plethora of facilities, our Luxury Suites continue to flourish year-round. Totalstay™ remains keen on identifying esteemed complexes with potential for transformation into profitable accommodation offerings.

Given the rising demand for superior accommodation, this sector promises enticing opportunities for property owners. To discover more about our unique approach to Luxury Suites management in Cape Town, get in touch with us today.


Totalstay’s ever-expanding collection of serviced apartments in Cape Town is tailored to suit the dynamic needs of today’s globetrotter. We expertly manage a select array of high-end apartments across the fashionable Atlantic Seaboard and bustling Cape Town CBD, servicing both leisure and business travellers alike, all year round. Our apartments offer the ultimate convenience of secure, modern, and luxurious lock-up-and-go accommodations, bolstered by our all-encompassing suite of services, including expert guest relations management, concierge, housekeeping, maintenance, and reservation services. For property owners, our short-term apartment rentals present a lucrative alternative to traditional long-term rentals, given the high return potential when managed proficiently.

Each of our self-catering apartments in Cape Town is equipped with daily housekeeping, hotel-grade linen & towels, premium amenities, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour concierge service. We are dedicated to consistently crafting unforgettable experiences for our guests through superior service, commitment, and a passion for excellence.

While our diverse range of Cape Town holiday apartments is thoughtfully curated to cater to varying traveller preferences, all our accommodations share a common thread – a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and prime location. From compact city-centre studios to beachfront apartments boasting scenic Atlantic Seaboard views, our selection encapsulates the finest vacation rentals in the city. Property owners interested in learning how to convert their apartments into guest-ready havens can reach out to Totalstay™ today for more information on our proficient short-term apartment rental management services.


Totalstay’s exclusive Private Collection presents a carefully curated array of villas in Cape Town, situated in some of the city’s most coveted locales. Our villa rental zones encompass renowned areas such as Camps Bay and Clifton, each annually attracting an impressive influx of visitors. While our villas are a hot favourite among leisure travellers, including families, honeymooners, and couples, they also appeal to business travellers seeking accommodations for conferences, team meetings, team-building weekends, and corporate events.

This collection features extraordinary Villas nestled in the heart of the iconic Camps Bay. With such choices, guests can enjoy captivating views while conveniently exploring Cape Town.

Every luxury villa in our collection is expertly managed to the highest standards. Totalstay™ offers an extensive management solution encompassing marketing across major listing platforms, reservations, property management and maintenance, and guest services. Our dedicated teams are readily available to warmly welcome guests and cater to their needs throughout their stay, supplementing the experience with luxury welcome packs, complimentary Wi-Fi, and housekeeping. We meticulously select each villa based on its potential to provide a hospitable haven for our guests, adhering strictly to our rigorous quality standards. From modern furnishings to cutting-edge appliances, thoughtful extras to comprehensive villa facilities, each self-catering villa in our Private Collection ensures a world-class stay for guests. To learn more about villa rental management in Cape Town, reach out to Totalstay™ today for more information on our unique approach to short-term villa rentals.


Our meticulously handpicked boutique retreats in Cape Town provide an unparalleled choice for guests yearning for a unique guesthouse experience.

Totalstay™, backed by a comprehensive suite of management solutions that encompass everything from bookings management, robust marketing across major listing platforms, round-the-clock guest concierge, day-to-day management, housekeeping, laundry, on-site duty management, and more, is dedicated to offering guests an exceptional boutique retreat experience that starts with the initial enquiry and extends until the final check-out.

Our range of high-end boutique guesthouses in Cape Town is fully outfitted to cater to the contemporary leisure and business traveller. Each property features elegantly furnished rooms equipped with all the essentials for a remarkable stay, alongside private, modern room options. Guests also enjoy a host of perks such as daily breakfast, lunch and dinner options, spacious communal areas, relaxation zones, swimming pool, outdoor spaces, and a myriad of other facilities.

Explore our selection of Totalstay™ boutique retreats to discover more about our signature properties or reach out to us if you’re looking for an operator.