A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay A better way to stay – Aparthotels, Villas & Serviced Apartments – Totalstay


Stay clean.

At Totalstay, we value the wellbeing of our guests and team members. Now and always, your health and safety remain our top priority. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented a range of stringent and comprehensive health, hygiene and safety protocols and standards of operations across all our Totalstay properties.

Be rest assured that we have taken every precaution to safeguard your health and wellbeing while continuing to provide you with a better way to stay.

COVID-19 health & hygiene protocols.

  • Our staff and operational teams make use of industry best practices according to global hygiene recommendations to ensure only the highest level of cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection is maintained.
  • Each member of our Totalstay team have been properly briefed and thoroughly trained on all COVID-19 protocols and regulations.
  • When arriving at any of our Totalstay properties, we have a no mask no entry policy in place as per government regulations.
  • All guests and staff are temperature screened in a non-invasive and safe manner.
  • Staff and team members will make use of full PPE equipment.
  • Easily accessible sanitisation stations, hand sanitiser and antibacterial handwash have been placed at all entry points, near the front desk, common areas, and throughout our Totalstay properties.
  • Social distancing etiquette between guest and staff to reduce person-to-person contact, while still providing our guests with the same warm, welcoming and exceptional standard of service they have come to expect when staying at any of our properties.
  • Contactless check-ins and outs. By streamlining our check-in and check-out procedure, we are able to limit guest and staff contact and interaction while still proving a premium guest experience.
  • All surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces, room keys, and any/all devices are meticulously cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to ensure a safe and healthy environment is maintained.
  • Our Housekeeping team adheres to strict deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection procedures according to the World Health Organization (WHO) regulations.
  • Linen and towels are washed on the hottest wash cycle at 80°C. All the linen is ironed on a hot setting. Towels are tumble-dried until fully dry and hot enough to kill any potential viral matter.
  • As part of our Totalstay StayClean Initiative we have constructed a clear plan of action with our medical advisory team at each of our Totalstay properties in the event of a suspected case.

Standard of service & guest experience.

Warm & welcoming guest experience at a distance.

At Totalstay we pride ourselves on putting our guests first. One of our core values is centred around delivering a level of service that is warm, engaging, professional, and most of all, helpful. From the moment our guests arrive, we aim to provide them with an unparalleled guest experience. We are committed to offering our guests this same level of pristine service, while doing it in a safe, distant, and considerate manner. While you may not be offered the same welcoming outstretched handshake you have become accustomed to, our wonderful Guest Relations staff will be ready to greet you with a warm and friendly smile as soon as you arrive.

Full disclosure, honesty & transparency.

At Totalstay, one of our key values is accountability. Our guests can therefore expect full disclosure, honesty, and transparency from our Totalstay team right throughout their stay with us. This includes providing them with all the necessary information pertaining to our Totalstay StayClean health and hygiene protocols, as well as any incident reporting.

Safe and considerate social interaction & guest relations.

We have implemented extensive measures related to minimising human contact, as well as enforced a stringent social distancing etiquette between our guests and staff to provide our guests with complete peace of mind. All our Totalstay properties are generously set apart and offer guests the utmost privacy and safety.