Be Part of the Change With Totalstay and Relate Bracelets

    • February 21, 2018

    Totalstay is proud to be offering guests a range of beautifully made Relate bracelets for sale at our selected villas, apartments, boutique retreats, and aparthotels. These bracelets make great gifts for those back home, but they also offer a simple way to make a difference.

    Be Part of the Change With Totalstay and Relate

    At Totalstay, we believe in giving back to our beloved city. We are passionate about initiatives that inspire people to make a difference. Relate bracelets help you be part of the change, by making a positive difference to local communities as well as the causes that the bracelets support. These bracelets are not only a simple way to support local charities – they are also a way to support local makers and craftsmen who in turn support their families and communities. About a third of the profits made from each bracelet is donated to a chosen charity – in our case, we have selected the Reach for a Dream Foundation, who do amazing things for patients battling terminal childhood cancer. A third is invested in creating earning opportunities, skills training and enterprise development initiatives for local township communities. The remainder is used to cover costs and materials.

     Be Part of the Change With Totalstay and Relate - Relate Bracelets for Reach for a Dream Foundation

    How do the Totalstay bracelets help you make a difference to communities in Cape Town? Let’s take a look.

    How Relate Bracelets Inspire Positive Change

    All Relate bracelets are made by hand and sold to support positive change. Relate is a non-profit social enterprise that helps to support over 80 charitable causes across the country, from upliftment programmes to animal rescue organisations and foundations such as Reach for a Dream, which gives young cancer patients a chance to make their dreams come true.

    Be Part of the Change With Totalstay and Relate - Relate Bracelets

    Relate is also passionate about creating opportunities, providing income to township seniors, refugees and youth through the creation of each bracelet. Here are just some of the ways that this initiative is helping to become part of the solution:

    • Relate bracelet creators, which range from seniors to refugees and township youth, earn an income.
    • Makers are given the chance to upskill in order to pursue opportunities beyond Relate.
    • Causes earn profit through the sale of each and every bracelet.
    • Retail partners benefit from positive brand associations and increased traffic.

    Totalstay Reach for a Dream bracelets are available at various short term rental properties across the city. Look out for the bracelets during your next holiday in Cape Town, and be sure to support this extremely worthy cause simply by purchasing a bracelet. You can also learn more about Relate bracelets by visiting their official website over at