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How to Find Your Vacation Rental USP

  • 2018-02-27

Have you identified your vacation rental USP? Do you know what separates your rental from the many other similar rentals in your area? Defining your unique selling point is key to putting your rental on the map. You may not know exactly what makes your rental special, or you may have some idea already. Having a selling point is a great way to market your rental by focusing on benefits. This strategy can help you stand out in a crowded market while turning off-beat features into one-of-a-kind selling points.

How to Find Your Vacation Rental USP

In this mini guide, we share some tips on how to find your vacation rental USP. We also give you some ideas on how to use your USP to promote your property and attract more bookings.

Defining Your Vacation Rental USP

What sets your vacation rental aside from other, similar rentals in your area? What is it about your rental that attracts guests? How can you make this feature a selling point? To get you started, here are a few things to consider when defining your USP.

  • Guest reviews. What do guests love most about your rental? If there is a certain feature that is often mentioned in reviews, it may be worth exploring. You may have the perfect location, a super comfortable bedroom, an apartment that is ideal for business, a romantic decor style that romantic travellers adore, a quirky art collection that creatives love, an eco-friendly rental that is sustainable and low-impact, or tailored concierge services that provide guests with a luxury, hotel-like stay. Listen to the feedback you get to see whether any specific feature is mentioned often.
  • Location. There may be other similar accommodation in your location, but you can still use this as a USP. Think about your core guest and what they typically like to do during a stay. What can you offer that would make your ideal guest even happier? You could find unusual tours or activities that take your guests off the beaten path, local secrets such as an amazing coffee shop or breakfast spot, tailored itineraries that are made according to your guests’ preferences, or fun travel videos from a local perspective.
  • Features. Tiny apartment? You could position your rental as ideal for singles or couples. Older property? You could furnish it with antiques or vintage finds and position the property as a step back in time. Think about the features that you currently have and how you can turn them into benefits. Get creative and think out of the box. Unusual, non-conventional vacation lets are in huge demand – the more creative, the better!
  • Themed accommodation. We were not kidding about off-beat rentals. From container homes to treehouses, conversions are a hot trend right now. Themed accommodation is also in high demand. You could furnish your apartment with a fun theme to stand out. Themes could include circus, boudoir, vintage kitsch, farmhouse, jungalow, futuristic, or something completely different. Combine a themed vacation let with world-class service in the form of vacation rental management and the result is a truly unique experience for guests that they are sure to remember for years to come.

Once you have defined your USP, the next step is to find the ideal short term rental manager to help you manage your rental effectively. Contact Totalstay to learn more about managing your vacation rental in Cape Town.