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    5 Holiday Letting Property Resolutions for the New Year

    • January 11, 2018

    As we get closer towards the middle of January, now is the time to think about holiday letting property resolutions that will guide your efforts in the year ahead. Whether you already have a few goals in mind, or you are looking for a bit of insight and inspiration, resolutions can be an effective way to keep your vision focused on the things that matter the most.

    5 Holiday Letting Property Resolutions for the New Year

    Although holiday letting property resolutions do not have to be set in stone, having something to work towards will help you stay on track. That way, you can continue working towards your goals without the risk of losing focus as the year progresses. Keep reading to get our suggested resolutions that are designed to help you succeed in the short term rental space this year.

    Holiday Letting Property Resolutions

    Some of the resolutions that you may consider using to grow your holiday letting property results this year include the following:

    1. Invest in a good manager. If you have to choose just one of these resolutions, this one is easily the most important. A good short term rental manager will help you ensure that your property is managed on a day to day basis. The right manager will also provide bookings management, along with guest concierge and active marketing across relevant channels as well. Look for a management expert that is able to provide a well-rounded, holistic solution.
    2. Perfect your listings. On the topic of holiday rental marketing, one area that your manager can help you improve is your listings. Listings are very often the first introduction that guests will have to your property. Listing descriptions have the power to entice guests and increase bookings. They also have the power to put guests off and ruin your chances of achieving full occupancy. Treating listings as an after-thought is never advised. This year, how can you improve your rental listings?
    3. Improve guest experience. It’s not just listings that make or break your success. You could have the best photographs, most incredible listings and beautiful property, but, if you do not deliver a world-class guest experience, you will not see repeat bookings. Instead, you will see poor reviews or even complaints that put off other guests and put your reputation at stake. This year, it’s time to put some thought into how you can create a stellar guest experience. Whether that means offering exclusive tours or other activities, improving your guest concierge, adding thoughtful touches or perfecting your guest communication, there are many ways to create a memorable experience for your guests.
    4. Highlight your USP. One thing that many short term rental owners will be thinking about this year is how to compete in the ever-growing rentals market. Here in Cape Town, there are more short term lets than ever before. In popular areas such as Camps Bay and the CBD, competition is especially tough. How can you stand out from the rest? One way is to consider what makes your rental unique. It could be your flawless attention to detail, a one of a kind natural swimming pool, a quirky property conversion such as a barn, tree house, teepee or houseboat. It may be something else entirely. Knowing, and highlighting, your USP is a good way to stand out even in a crowded accommodation market.
    5. Grow your reputation. Finally, going back to our earlier point about how experience helps you grow your short term rental reputation, this should be something you consider throughout every plan, strategy and idea you follow this year. Without reputation, it becomes far harder to get ahead. Nothing can beat a solid reputation that positions your rental on the market.


    If you’d like to know more about working with a short term rental management expert, be sure to get in touch with Totalstay today. We will help you get the best results from your holiday letting property, this year and every year.