5 Ways You May Be Scaring Off Vacation Rental Guests

    • October 30, 2017

    Are you putting off prospective vacation rental guests or making them want to book your rental? You may not even realise that you are scaring guests away. Many new rental owners do not realise how much goes into the decision making process. Both leisure and business travellers need to make informed decisions according to what they see in your listing. If you have photographs that are not attractive, or regulations that seem excessive, potential guests would rather not take a chance on your rental.

     5 Ways You May Be Scaring Off Vacation Rental Guests

    Worse still is giving guests the illusion that they have made the right choice, only to shatter their expectations once they arrive. To be sure that you are not scaring away vacation rental guests, keep reading to find out what not to do.

    You Might Be Repelling Vacation Rental Guests

    Some of the most off-putting things to vacation rental guests include the following:

    1/ Using bad photographs that do not do your property justice

    Nothing puts people off than ugly, outdated photos that make your property look like a horror story in the works. There is no excuse for not investing in decent, current photographs that accurately showcase your rental. A good short term rental manager will not only ensure that your property is well run, but also that your photographs help to sell your property even before guests read your description.

    2/ Letting your property fall into neglect.

    On a similar note, another thing that puts guests off quickly is an ancient, outdated property that is falling apart. Not too long ago, there was a case in the US where an Airbnb owner was sued after a guest fell off a swing and died. The swing had been tied to a damaged tree. Needless to say, it is essential that your rental is safe for guests. But over and beyond safety, your property should also be freshly painted, with a living garden and inviting features.

    3/ Not investing in professional cleaning.

    You will also need to be sure that your property is clean. You do not want to risk guests putting up with cobwebs, dust and other debris. As a general rule of thumb, you should be offering housekeeping from Monday to Friday. Between guest stays, you should do a deep clean to make sure that the property is restored. Bedding and other soft furnishings should be dry cleaned, and utensils and kitchenware should also be deep cleaned.

    4/ Forcing too many restrictions and rules on guests.

    While it is essential to consider short term regulations, these should never come at a price to guest comfort. If you have complicated rental policies that make it hard for guests to relax, they will not enjoy their stay. The result of an unhappy stay is bad reviews. The result of bad reviews is a warning sign to other guests that your property is not worth booking.

    5/ Being in the house or dropping by all the time.

    If you live on the premises, make this very clear in your description. Likewise, if you plan to drop by, be sure that your guests know when to expect you. Surprise visits will make guests feel uncomfortable at best. The entire point of self catering is for guests to enjoy their privacy. As such, you should never infringe on guest privacy.


    If you are ready to start attracting guests rather than repelling them, get in touch with the Totalstay team. We will give you all the help you need through our innovative short term rental management solution that caters to the needs of modern vacation rental guests.