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Buying a Holiday Let in Clifton?

  • 2016-12-07

Thinking about buying a holiday let in Clifton? As one of the most affluent suburbs in Cape Town, Clifton is without a doubt the shining jewel on the Atlantic Seaboard coastline. The area is comprised of residential homes, luxury holiday villas and apartments, with no restaurants, shops of commercial establishments. This, combined with a series of breath-taking beaches and a proximity to major landmarks within the city, makes Clifton a haven for holidaymakers.

Buying a Holiday Let in Clifton

If you are considering buying a holiday let in Clifton, you might be wondering what this area has to offer in the way of investment opportunities. Needless to say, this area is a prime choice for holiday rental investors wanting to capitalise on the many advantages offered by this exclusive suburb.

Buying a Holiday Let in Clifton

Clifton is situated between Camps Bay and Bantry Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Cape Town. According to legend, the area was first established in the late 1700s, some time after the Dutch East India Company (VOC) arrived in the Cape. A botanical garden was built on the slopes of the mountain, and the area was known as Schoenmakers Gat or ‘Cobbler’s Cave’. Legend has it that the name came from a shoemaker who lived in a cave on the mountain, who would mend the shoes of farmers who passed through the area. The shoemaker was apparently captured and taken to the Castle of Good Hope by the VOC.

At the end of the 1800s, Clifton was renamed Clifton-on-Sea, after Bessie Clifton, who ran the only hotel in the area at that time. By the 1900s, Clifton-on-Sea had become the preferred choice for many holidaymakers visiting the Cape during the summer months. Small wooden beach bungalows were created and set up on sites leased by the city council over the summer, but the sites were never sold. By 1923, there were 90 beach houses in Clifton-on-Sea. In 1929, the city council ruled that bungalow owners needed to vacate their beach houses during the winter months, in a move to try and prevent permanent residence in the area. It was around this time that the Clifton Owners Bungalow Association was formed to prevent the council from enforcing this regulation.

Over the years, the area became known simply as Clifton. A number of changes over the years took place, including the development of tennis courts and picnic areas. In 1984, Clifton, Bakoven and Glen Beach were declared national monuments in an effort to preserve the beauty of the area’s beaches. Eventually, during the early 1990s, the city council changed its leasehold regulations to allow freeholds to be purchased. This enabled many of the old beach houses to be restored and renovated, resulting in the incredible beach rentals available in Clifton today.

What exactly is it that makes buying a holiday let in Clifton a worthwhile investment? Here are just a few reasons to consider investment property in this area…

  • Incredible beaches. Clifton is home to four beaches (First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach and Fourth Beach), as well as a fifth beach that appears and disappears as the sands shift over the seasons. Each of Clifton’s primary four beaches cater to a diversity of holidaymakers. The beaches enjoy relative shelter, and Fourth Beach enjoys Blue Flag status. Some of the most sought-after villas of all can be found directly on the sands, while many are in walking distance to the beach.
  • Tranquil surrounds. As there are no shops or commercial buildings in the area, it is quiet, peaceful and ideally suited to honeymoons and holidays. Many visitors from within South Africa and further afield flock to Clifton in the summer to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The iconic views of the Atlantic Ocean, flanked by white sandy beaches with the mountain acting as a backdrop are hard to resist, after all!
  • Central location. While the area is quiet, it is also central to many of the city’s attractions. The restaurants, bars and cafes of Camps Bay are minutes away, while the V&A Waterfront, Sea Point Promenade and CBD are also a short distance away. There are also many world-class beaches nearby within the Atlantic Seaboard, making Clifton a central area for holidaymakers.


Whether you are in the process of buying a holiday let in Clifton or you already own property in this area that you are planning on letting to holidaymakers, holiday rental management offers the most effective way to maximise your short term rental investment potential. Totalstay offers a full suite of management services ranging from day to day management to reservations management, concierge services and active marketing across multiple channels. To learn more about our unique approach to holiday let management, simply contact us today to find out how to take the next steps after buying a holiday let.