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Holiday Letting for Large Groups

  • 2017-01-31

Unlike couples and single travellers, large travel groups make up a very unique portion of the overall holiday letting travel market. Large groups can be found in both leisure and corporate sectors. These groups could be groups of friends planning a holiday, corporate groups travelling for a team building event, wedding parties, large families or even multiple families travelling together. While the needs of each type of group may differ, the types of properties sought by larger groups remains the same, regardless of the travel market.

Holiday Letting for Large Groups

How can you attract or manage larger groups? And, more importantly, what holiday letting strategies should you be keeping mind when targeting big groups? Let’s take a look.

Holiday Letting Strategies for Larger Travel Groups

A large group can be defined by a party of 10 or more. Typically, a larger group will comprise of a mixture of couples and singles. Often, such groups will also comprise of children. Holiday letting properties catering to bigger groups will generally have five or more bedrooms, with a combination of bed sizes and bathrooms to accommodate the diverse needs of the group.

Some things to consider when targeting or accepting bookings from large groups include the following:

  • Space is essential. Unless you have a large apartment that can easily accommodate a big group, chances are good that such guests will skip over apartment listings in search of villas and houses. If your property is limited in terms of bedrooms, there are however ways to increase space. Twin beds are always a space-savvy idea, while bunk beds are a good choice for families or groups travelling with children. Other ways to maximise the space you have is to consider fold-out beds such as sleeper couches or even garden sheds that are converted into extra rooms. Just make sure that you do not end up with a property that is far too cramped to provide guests with a relaxing space for their holiday.
  • Family groups often have special requirements. This could include features such as a fenced off swimming pool, a garden with some sort of lawn or space for kids to play, entertainment systems with child-friendly DVDs, regular housekeeping, cots and high-chairs or other equipment for babies and toddlers, non-slip floors and even access to babysitters. Concierge plays a vital role in ensuring that families are well cared for during their stay. A fully managed holiday rental will make sure that guests have everything they need, along with day to day management, guest services and added extras such as welcome packs.
  • Corporate groups have different requirements. For groups travelling for business, requirements are, of course, a bit different. Twin beds can be the simplest and most effective option for these groups, as co-workers typically travel alone. In some cases, a partner may join, but single beds are the safest choice. Shared bathrooms are usually more practical. You can further enhance your business travel guest offering by considering what equipment and facilities would be appreciated for corporate groups. Arranging tools such as overhead projectors, extra chairs and board room tables would go a long way in creating an excellent impression for corporate bookings.
  • Non-family leisure groups also have their own requirements. These groups are somewhere between families and corporate groups when it comes to holiday letting requirements. Some friends may be travelling with partners, while others are single. Groups such as this typically need a variety of room options that include a mixture of king/queen/double and twin beds. Some friends may not mind double bunks – even if they are adults. Facilities such as swimming pools, outdoor dining areas and entertainment systems are a must. Housekeeping and guest concierge is also essential.


The simplest way to appeal to all types of large travel groups is professional holiday rental management. A well-managed villa or holiday let will always be fully equipped with everything needed for a memorable stay. It will provide regular housekeeping, along with additional services on request, such as butlers, chefs, babysitters and drivers. A managed rental will also offer the benefit of marketing, bookings management and day to day management for property owners, ensuring full peace of mind at all times.

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