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Is Your Holiday Rental Ready for Peak Travel Season?

  • 2016-10-14

Your holiday rental has seen a slow but steady rise in bookings over the year, but are you ready for the upcoming peak travel season? Here in Cape Town, the summer holiday period between December and February is the busiest time for short term rentals. This is when schools close for the year. It’s also when most travellers take their annual leave. Visitors flock to the Mother City from within South Africa and further afield, seeking a much-needed break to enjoy the famous Cape Town beaches and sunshine.

For holiday rental property owners, this time of year can be extremely busy. If you recently entered the short term rental market or you plan to rent out your home for the summer, it is essential to prepare for peak season as early as possible.

Holiday Rental Preparation Tips for Peak Season

How do you ensure that your holiday rental is prepared for peak travel season in Cape Town? For starters, you can try these tips…

Is Your Holiday Rental Prepared for Peak Travel Season?

  • Do careful research to set your rates competitively. Rates will typically vary according to the travel season. Peak season is when bookings are at their highest, and this is also when rates are at their highest. Before you increase your rates however, it is important to do your homework. Find out what similar villas or apartments in your area are charging during peak period. Consider factors such as whether your property has a swimming pool or other sought-after facilities. Speak to a short term property expert to find out what you can realistically charge for a property of your grading.
  • Determine whether your property is ready for international guests. You should already be constantly evaluating your rental to ensure that it meets the highest standards. As bookings are often in higher demand during peak season, you may find that you have to double up on maintenance and upkeep during this time. What upgrades can you make now while you still have a bit of time? What facilities and services will appeal to guests?
  • Provide extra value to holidaymakers. The majority of guests during this time of year fall within the holiday travel market. These visitors come to Cape Town to soak up some sun, take in the sights, enjoy time on our pristine beaches and celebrate an African festive season. What can you offer your guests to help them make the most of their stay? Concierge services, a festive welcome hamper, personalised guidebooks or suggestions on what to see in the area and other thoughtful touches will all add value.
  • Manage your booking calendar effectively. A busy calendar is a good thing, but back to back bookings that leave little time for housekeeping and preparation are not ideal. One way to ensure that your calendar is managed efficiently without the risk of over-booking is to partner with a trusted vacation rental property manager. This will not only give you the advantage of a professionally managed calendar – it will also help you market and manage your property for long-term growth.
  • Don’t forget the paperwork. While the majority of guests are no problem, busier travel periods can bring the risk of rowdy, noisy or challenging groups. Make sure that you are covered legally with a set of house rules that include policies on alcohol, smoking, noise, children, breakages and visitors. That way, you will be protected against any possible problems that may arise.


At Totalstay, we actively market and manage a bespoke collection of apartments, villas and aparthotels in Cape Town. Our Private Collection consists of carefully selected properties in the most sought-after regions in the city. If you would like to learn more about our professional vacation rental management solutions, contact us today to arrange an evaluation of your holiday rental.