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Optimising Your Small Short Term Rental

  • 2017-05-04

You may assume that smaller short term rental properties do not perform as well as larger properties. In reality, both small and larger rentals have plenty to offer potential guests. The secret to succeeding in this industry, whatever size your property may be, is to know how to position and market your rental.

Optimising Your Small Short Term Rental

In this mini guide, we’re sharing some inside tips on how to make the most of your smaller sized short term rental.

Making the Most of Your Small Short Term Rental

Some of the ways that you can optimise a smaller short term rental include the following:

  • Embrace it. Apartments, studios, garden cottages and other compact rentals are often in high demand for travellers who want a convenient lock-up-and-go option. Unlike a larger property that may have multiple bedrooms, living areas, gardens and pools, smaller properties are easy to clean, easy to live in and easy to manage. Instead of trying to compete with larger properties, embrace your small size and target your marketing to the type of traveller who is actively seeking a smaller abode.
  • Be honest. On a similar note, it is essential to be upfront about the size of your rental. Trying to give the illusion of size, failing to mention that it is a studio, taking photographs that trick the eye into thinking the property is bigger and being vague about the size can all end up misleading guests. If your guests are looking for a larger apartment or property, and you are misleading them into thinking that your property is bigger than it is, you will end up with upset guests. If, on the other hand, you market your rental as small and compact, you will attract the right type of guests who are seeking such rentals.
  • Target your property smartly. Targeting your rental to markets that you know favour smaller properties is a smart approach. Business travellers, couples and single travellers all typically seek out smaller short term rentals that can easily cater to one to two people. If you craft listings that appeal to this target audience, you will attract the right sort of guest.
  • Take excellent photos. As we mentioned above, trick photographs that give the illusion of space are not ideal. What you can do however is take photographs that showcase the convenience, flexibility and compact appeal of the property. Make sure that images clearly show the space as it is, but take extra care to style your property so that it is inviting and appealing. If your property has amazing views, be sure to include photos that showcase the view in your listing.
  • Furnish and decorate wisely. One of the best ways to optimise a small space is to choose decor and furnishings very carefully. Avoid clutter and mess at all costs. As cheerful as bright colours can be, they can make a small space feel more cramped. Light, neutral colours however make spaces feel bigger. Keep decor simple, keep walls clear, add a few carefully chosen decor touches and make sure that you invest in day to day management that includes housekeeping to ensure that your rental is in spotless condition at all times.


A smart way to ensure that your property is optimised, whatever its size, is to work with a dedicated short term property manager. To learn more about investing in management services for your short term rental, contact the Totalstay team today.