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How to Prepare Your Property for Holiday Rentals

  • 2016-08-11

If you have big plans on transforming your investment property into a space that attracts premium holiday rentals, you likely already know that visitors expect the very best. Sadly, as the rapid rise of platforms such as Airbnb continue to open up the market for new property owners, many assume that it will be sufficient to settle for the cheapest furnishings. Worse still, some even opt to furnish investment properties with all the things they don’t want in their own home. Just as you would not have much interest in staying in an apartment or villa that feels nothing  like a home from  home, your prospective guests may not want to book at a badly furnished property either.

Preparing Your Property for Holiday Rentals

Corporate travellers make up a large portion of travellers all over the world. Many visitors are required to travel frequently as part of their work commitments – whether on short stays for conferences or meetings, or longer stays for projects. As such, guests actively search for a number of specific features when booking accommodation. A well-prepared property will always fare better than one that does not appear to be inviting. Price and location are equally important, but first impressions are often made from the moment a prospective guest views photos of a property that they are browsing.

Getting Your Property Ready for Holiday Rentals

What does this mean for you as a property owner? For starters, it means that you need to ensure that holiday rentals meet the following criteria if you want to attract the right guests…

  • Living areas

For lounges, you will need soft, comfortable couches as well as a chair or two. For tiled, laminate or wooden floors, rugs are a good idea – especially during winter. Flat screen televisions can be wall mounted or set on TV stands, with selected satellite channels available along with DVD players and sound systems. There should be sufficient surfaces in the form of coffee tables and side tables, while lighting should be bright without too much glare. Small details such as throws and cushions and tasteful decor can add a touch of style to living areas (just be careful not to go overboard, or the room may appear cluttered).

  • Kitchen and dining

Guests expect to find everything they need in a self-catering holiday rental kitchen. High quality coffee makers, fridges, stoves and ovens, dishwashers, cutlery, crockery, cups, serving utensils, serving bowls and other appliances and items that will allow guests to make their own food should all be included. Glassware, table linens and other details can be included in dining areas as well. Laundry factilities will add even more value to guests, so it can be worth considering a washing machine and dryer.

  • Bedrooms

Queen and king sized beds are a good choice for main bedrooms, while double beds will suffice for additional bedrooms. For twin rooms, single or twin sized beds can be used. All bedrooms should include nightstands, closet space, plug points (and adaptors), a selection of quality linens and bedding, air-conditioning and curtains or blinds that adequately block out light. For added luxury, you could also include rugs, welcome hampers, writing desks and wash hampers, too.

  • Bathrooms

En-suite bathrooms are ideal. These can be full bathrooms if your budget and space allows, or a bathtub or shower if space is limited. Master bathrooms that are designed to provide a spa-like experience for guests can be a major selling point for any holiday rental. Toiletries and thoughtful touches will help to provide such an experience, too.

  • Outdoor

Will you guests have a space to relax outside? Whether you have a small balcony or a large deck complete with infinity pool and sun loungers, it is important to continue your careful planning outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoor dining tables, loungers and/or couches, BBQ/braai area and some sort of garden will encourage guests to relax. Swimming pools are always in demand – even if they are small splash pools or communal pools within an apartment complex.

  • Concierge and security

Something that many budding Airbnb holiday rentals owners fail to consider is how they can add value to guests beyond offering somewhere to stay. Security is vital for obvious reasons, but concierge is also important to help you guests feel at home from the moment they make their booking. This is why it can be an extremely valuable investment to consider working with a holiday rental property manager.

At Totalstay, property owners have the benefit of comprehensive management solutions that include active marketing and promotion, branded welcome packs, round the clock concierge, 24-7 support and other services that help to achieve maximum occupancy rates. To learn more about holiday rentals managed the Totalstay way, contact us today and let us know how we can transform your property into a world-class accommodation offering.