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Preparing Your Short Term Let for Low Season

  • 2017-03-23

With winter nearly here in Cape Town, many short term let owners are wondering how to prepare for the upcoming low season. Here in South Africa’s Mother City, summer is the busiest time of year. Over the years, there has been a slow but steady increase in winter travel, especially as wine and food tourism grow in popularity. This season is still much quieter compared to the busy summer however.

Preparing Your Short Term Let for Low Season

When you are in the business of short term rentals, it goes without saying that quieter seasons can be stressful. Those who own beach property especially may find that they have a dip in bookings that begins in autumn. How do you ensure that your short term let continues to provide a healthy return, even in the dead of winter? Join us today on the blog as we take a look at how you can prepare and even capitalise on the upcoming winter.

How to Prepare Your Short Term Let for Low Season

Winter is coming… what are you doing to prepare your short term let? If you assumed you won’t have to do much at all other than wait to see what happens, you need to think again. Smart rental owners know that the best way to prepare for off-peak season is to get creative, and get smart. Some ideas that you could consider for your short term let include the following:

  • Work with an experienced short term rental manager. The best way to get continuous assistance with marketing, bookings management, day to day management and guest concierge is to work with a dedicated property manager. A good management service will know how to proactively market and manage your property throughout the year, whether it is high season or low season.
  • Design exclusive off-season deals for your guests. Returning guests are especially important for this strategy. Think about what makes the city a good place to visit outside of the busy summer. The quieter beaches, the fact that Cape Town has close to 50% sunny days even in the middle of winter, the food and wine, the mild winter temperatures that are still way warmer than many colder locations abroad… there is much to enjoy during the quieter seasons. Maybe you can offer a reduced price (outside of regular off-season rates), or you could partner with a wine estate or restaurant to provide an exclusive package.
  • Add value-added services to your offering. Tailored packages that offer both accommodation AND tours or other activities are an enticing way to increase bookings. Think carefully about the type of activities and attractions that are ideal for the cooler weather, then consider how you can add to your current offering.
  • Get into the spirit of the season. Is your property prepared for winter in the practical sense? Updating your decor, photographs and property listings is a good way to take advantage of winter travel. If you can position your property in a way that makes prospective guests long to come and enjoy a memorable winter at your cosy abode, you should be able to continue your high bookings rate all the way through the season.
  • Boost your marketing efforts. Another reason to work with an experienced manager is that you will have the benefit of smart marketing across multiple channels. You may find that there are untapped markets that you had not yet considered, or you may find that shaking up your strategies helps you continue to bring in guests even in the middle of the off-season.


Looking for expert help with your short term let? Totalstay is an experienced holiday rental manager that specialises in full service management solutions. From marketing to guest services, day to day management and bookings, we have all aspects of short term property management, leaving you free to enjoy your life without the added hassle of running your property by yourself. Contact us today to arrange an evaluation of your short term let, or let us know if you have any questions on how to get started.