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Short Term Letting Manager vs Housekeeper

  • 2017-06-28

If you are new to short term rental property investment, you may be wondering which is a better choice… short term letting manager or in-house housekeeper?

Short Term Letting Manager vs Housekeeper

Many property owners assume that management focuses only on house cleaning, guest welcoming and similar services. Others assume that holiday rental managers are only for large properties. While both managers and housekeepers offer a day to day management service that ensures that your property is kept in excellent working order, there are a few key differences to take into account.

Which is Best – Short Term Letting Manager or Housekeeper?

How will you decide on which option to consider for your property? For starters you can consider the following essential differences between a housekeeper and a short term letting manager.

  • Housekeepers provide day to day management services. These range from general cleaning to meeting guests on their arrival, handling guest queries and being on site or nearby in case guests require anything during their stay. Essentially, this is someone who acts as a host on your behalf, while also ensuring that guests have a clean, inviting place to stay. Housekeeping staff can also include private chefs, butlers and similar staff who are on hand to assist guests as needed.
  • Managers provide day to day management on top of additional services. This means that a management company will handle everything from housekeeping and guest concierge to maintenance, guest welcoming and various other services that are offered by a housekeeper. On top of those services, a manager also provides comprehensive marketing of your property, across multiple holiday rental listings channels. A manager also gives you the benefit of bookings management, adding even more value.

What does that mean for you as a short term rental owner? Simply put, it means that if you simply want someone to clean your property and be there for guests, a housekeeper will do the job just fine. If, on the other hand, you are seeking someone to proactively manage your property, a manager will be a better choice.

A good housekeeper can be a very useful tool for keeping guests happy during their stay. A good manager however goes one step further, not only managing your property but also helping you to promote it to potential guests. Another reason to consider hiring a manager is that it gives you the benefit of a uniform, professional image. As managers brand and market their portfolio of properties as a managed collection, you have the additional advantage of increased exposure, along with enhanced reputation.

If you answer yes to the following questions, a manager will certainly be a better choice than a housekeeper:

  • You are seeking a well-rounded management solution that incorporates everything from bookings to marketing, photography, concierge and everyday management
  • You want to rebrand an existing property that may not have had the best reputation in previous years
  • You are not sure how to promote your property, and need assistance in marketing your rental effectively
  • You need help handling your bookings calendar in a way that keeps your rental occupied consistently throughout the year
  • You need housekeeping along with various other tailored solutions that a traditional housekeeper is unable to provide
  • You are ready to take your rental results to the next level


Ready to learn more about how to work with a dedicated manager? Contact the Totalstay team today for more information on partnering with a professional short term letting manager.