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    Thinking About a Smart Vacation Let?

    • November 9, 2017

    According to a 2016 August Home study on smart vacation let features, guests are slowly starting to expect automation and other features. This study, titled Short-term Rentals: Smarter Housing with Smart Home Technology, had some rather interesting results. Highlights include the following:

    • 60% of guests would pay more for a smart vacation home
    • 80% of leisure travellers  and 92% of business travellers are more likely to complete reservation if the property offers smart home technology
    • 75% of guests worry that they will lose the property keys

    Thinking About a Smart Vacation Let

    Over the years, smart home features have become the norm in many rentals. From keyless entry to full automation that lowers and raises temperature, adjusts blinds, coordinates washing machines, fridges and other appliances, robotic vacuum cleaners and other somewhat more scary tools, there is no doubt that smart vacation let is a trend to watch in 2018 and beyond.

    Smart Vacation Let Features to Consider

    What are some of the smart features to consider for your vacation let? Here are a few that are already being used at short term lets across the world.

    • Home automation. Complete home automation effectively manages your entire property. There are a number of systems on offer, with varying degrees of automation. Some help to link your appliances in a way that allows kettles to be boiled remotely, coffee makers to turn on at a set time, temperature to be controlled according to your guests’ preferences and lighting to be adjusted to the time of day and amount of natural light filtered through the windows. Then there are tools such as Facebook’s virtual butler and Amazon’s Alexa that go one step up from Siri to create a flawless automated experience.
    • Smart locks. Smart locks and keyless entry both offer a way to simplify the guest experience while keeping your guests safe. This technology uses pass codes, finger printing and other features to allow guests to enter without keys. There are many different locks on the market, each offering their own benefits for security and ease of access.
    • Cleaning bots. Cleaning bots such as the famous Roomba continue to simplify housework. In a short term rental, cleaning is often provided during weekdays. Bots that are able to vacuum and sweep help to keep rentals clean between professional cleaning days. These vary in price depending on the make, model and size of the robotic cleaner.
    • Smart appliances. Finally, there are also many smart appliances on the market, all of which make guests feel more at home during their stay. From automatic ice cube makers to clever coffee machines, these appliances can be very useful for hosts wanting a modern rental that appeals to the needs of international travellers.


    Essentially, these features are not designed to replace human beings, but rather optimise the way that people travel. While you can always be sure that your short term rental manager is fully human, there is no doubt that automation can enhance your guest experience. To find out more about how a manager takes your results to the next level, get in touch with our team today.