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Vacation Rental Features Room by Room – Living Room

  • 2017-06-17

In this guide to vacation rental features, we will be going from room to room to help you determine the best features to include in your rental. From bedrooms to bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, entertainment areas, and outdoor areas, we help you equip your rental with everything it needs to succeed.

Our next room, we are focusing on the room in any vacation rental that is used all the time. The living room is without a doubt the place where your guests will feel at home the most. If your living room is fully equipped and furnished to provide all the comforts of home, your guests will be far more likely to enjoy their stay.

Vacation Rental Features Room by Room - Living Room

Whether your living room has a modern style or something more relaxed, your guests will spend a great deal of time in this room. As such, it needs to be designed with relaxation in mind. Even the simplest details can go a long way in making guests feel welcome… a comfortable couch, soft rugs, cushions and throws, a selection of movies, books and games, a large flat screen television, an honesty bar, fresh fruit and good lighting are just a few ideas.

How can you be sure that the your living room vacation rental features are designed to create an inviting rental? Let’s take a look…

Vacation Rental Features for Living Rooms

Living rooms, as the name implies, are made for living. This is where your guests will enjoy some downtime after a long day of sight-seeing or business. A living room that looks amazing, but does not offer real comfort is not the same as one that is full of features that enhance your guests’ sense of well-being at every turn. Some of the features to add to this room include the following:

  • The perfect couch. A good couch is neither too hard, nor too soft. L-shaped couches are an effective way to provide more seating without taking up too much space. These are also very comfortable, as they allow guests to stretch out easily. If your couches are leather, be sure to include plenty of throws. In winter, leather can be especially cool, so throws will help to offer a bit of extra warmth. If your couches are fabric, be sure that it is not a material that will show up dust and fluff easily. Having one or two matching poufs, ottomans or foot stools will help to add even more comfort to the lounge area.
  • Side and coffee tables. One of the biggest challenges for any living room is having enough space. If you battle to find somewhere to put your tea or coffee in the room, then you can be sure that your guests will as well. A large coffee table is essential, but smaller side tables place near additional chairs will also be useful. If your rental is a small property catering to one or two guests, with just one chair or couch, then you obviously won’t need as much surface space. If on the other hand you have a larger rental with plenty of seating, you will need more side tables.
  • Rugs. Rugs are useful throughout the year, whatever type of flooring your rental property has. A good quality rug that looks striking while also adding warmth and comfort is without a doubt the best choice of all. A cheap rug may offer warmth underfoot, and it may protect your laminate floors, but it may not have the same impact as a beautiful, eye-catching rug.
  • Decor touches. Be very careful when decorating your short term rental. You may assume that your tastes will be perfect for your rental, but the vacation rental features that get the most bookings are almost always neutral, minimal and simple touches. Add a few decor touches, such as a few interesting paintings here and there, a statement lampshade, a one of a kind sculpture or artisan throws and cushions. But be very careful to avoid clutter. Too many ornaments, paintings and decor can end up making your property look smaller and messier.
  • House plants. Indoor plants add ambiance, style and even the ability to purify the air through the oxygen they provide. Ideally, it is best to stick to easy to care for plants that will not need much attention during your guests’ stay. A good short term rental company will provide regular housekeeping along with day to day management, which incorporates plant maintenance as well as cleaning and anything else you may need. Your manager can also advise on the best low-key plants to use in your property.


If you’re ready to get serious about your short term rental property results, get in touch with the Totalstay team. We offer a full service approach to vacation rental management, giving you everything you need to get started. From active marketing across multiple channels to day to day management, guest concierge, bookings management and more, we make it easier than ever to succeed in the often competitive short term rentals market.

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