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Vacation Rental Manager Mistakes to Avoid

  • 2017-04-27

Choosing the right vacation rental manager can be challenging. How do you know whether you can trust prospective managers to have your best interests at heart? And, more importantly, how can you be sure that your manager will provide real value?

Vacation Rental Manager Mistakes to Avoid

A vacation rental manager is more than just someone who deals with guests. A good manager can help you get the best returns on your investment, while adding genuine value in the form of consistent bookings, increased occupancy and round the clock management. Knowing what to look for in a rental manager is every bit as important as knowing what to avoid.

Are You Choosing the Wrong Vacation Rental Manager?

Some of the things that you will need to look out for when selecting a vacation rental manager include the following:

  • The manager is not based locally. This may sound rather obvious, but you would be surprised how many supposed managers attempt to manage properties that are based all over the world. The biggest reason to choose a local manager is that they will be able to literally keep an eye on your property. If the management company is based abroad, how will they be able to keep track of what is going on with your rental? Even if they have a team of local agents, it will be very hard to manage. A local rental manager will be far more likely to personally visit your rental, while also knowing the area very well. This in turn ensures better results for marketing as well as day to day management.
  • The manager is brand new. You may think that you can save by hiring someone brand new, who can provide the cheapest level of service. This may help you save initially, but in the long term, you could end up paying far more than you bargained for when things go wrong. Experience is vital in this industry. A good manager will not only have a solid understanding of the market, area and overall tourism industry, but also a proven track record that supports their knowledge. A portfolio of properties that they have managed is the best way to show that they are able to manage your property. Be very wary if the manager has no portfolio or experience to back up their promises.
  • The manager does not follow a code of ethics. This is extremely important, for many, many reasons. Over and beyond local laws and regulations, there is a code of ethics that governs every industry. Managers that use dodgy marketing tactics that include spam or aggressive lead generation are not following this code. Be very sure that you do not hire anyone who could potentially damage your reputation. Also be wary of managers who offer to buy followers or email lists. It might seem like an easy way to market your property. Instead, it could end up putting you on an internet blacklist. This damages your business and the broader accommodation industry.


We hope that this makes it a little easier to find the perfect manager. Here at Totalstay, we provide a comprehensive, start to finish approach to vacation rental management. From active marketing across multiple channels, to day to day management, bookings management and guest concierge, we manage every aspect of the process. This leaves you free to focus on the myriad other things you have on your plate, with peace of mind in knowing that an experienced vacation rental manager is here to help.