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6 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Property More Enticing

  • 2016-09-23

Your Airbnb property has had a few bookings, but compared to similar properties in your area, it just never quite seems to generate glowing reviews. If that scenario sound familiar, you’re not alone. In the extremely competitive holiday rental market, appearances are everything. Your property itself needs to appeal to the high expectations of international travellers, while the way you position your property in your listing needs to create the right impression from the moment a prospective guest arrives on the page.

How do you ensure that your Airbnb property is alluring, enticing and attractive to guests? Let’s take a look.

How to Position Your Airbnb Property Effectively

Positioning is everything in the world of short term rental. Put yourself into your prospective guests’ shoes for a moment and think about what you would expect from an Airbnb property. What would attract you to a property? What would put you off? How can you wow guests from the very first moment?

6 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Property More Enticing

Some tips to keep in mind when positioning your Airbnb property include the following:

1/ Create the perfect space. 

Before you start to position your property on Airnb, you need to ensure that your space is primed and prepared for guests. Our mini guide on how to prepare your property for short term rentals has plenty of tips on what you’ll need to do to create an inviting space. The most important things to consider include facilities (en-suite bathrooms, swimming pool, relaxation, living and dining areas, garden or balcony, security and anything else you would expect at a hotel or top quality guest house), furnishings (high quality, comfortable couches and beds, washing machine and dryer, dish washer, kitchen appliances and self-catering equipment, entertainment systems, air-conditioners, fans, heaters, outdoor furniture, subtle decor and fine linens) and additional touches (fruit baskets, welcome packs, stocked fridge, fresh cut flowers, towel warmers, concierge services, area guides and anything else that is not expected but welcomed).

2/ Re-evaluate your guest service strategy. 

Over and beyond your space, your approach to guest services can also make all the difference in how guests perceive your property. Guests that are impressed from the moment of their initial enquiry all the way through to their check-out will be far more likely to leave good reviews than those who had to settle for average or sub-par service. How quickly do you reply to enquiries? How easy is it for guests to book? Are you using instant book? Once guests arrive, are they met by someone and welcomed or simply informed to collect keys at a pre-determined time? Is there someone that they can call in an emergency, or are they left to their own devices? Every thing that you do between that initial enquiry and the final check-out matters. If you can go beyond expectation and leave guests feeling pampered throughout their stay, you will soon grow a solid reputation.

3/ Invest in professionally taken photographs.

This is not the time to hastily snap a few shots on your phone and upload to your Airbnb property listing. The images you use can either attract guests or put them off. Professional photographs are the best way to present your property in the best possible light. If that is not an option and you decide to take the photographs yourself, choose the time of day that provides the best light in your property. Bright natural light is ideal. Photos that are too dark will look dim and gloomy, while photos that are taken in artificial light may look sterile and harsh. Make sure that the property is neat and tidy, with no clutter or mess in sight. Ensure that photographs show the full room or the key features of each room clearly.

4/ Create powerful listings and descriptions. 

Along with your photographs, your listing and property descriptions help to attract guests. Why should guests choose your property over a competitor? What can you do to entice potential guests in your listing? Skipping on important information, throwing together a few lines that have not been spell checked, using incorrect (or offensive) language, making do with a weak title, forgetting to provide highlights and a list of facilities and not taking the time or effort to create an engaging, memorable listing can do just as much harm as using poor quality photographs. Do some research on what makes a successful listing, ask a friend or family member to proof-read your listing, make sure that all sections are complete and focus on the benefits.

5/ Consider a professional holiday rental property manager.

One of the best ways to position your Airbnb property is to work with a dedicated, professional holiday rental property manager who has the experience and skills required to promote your property across multiple channels. A good manager will be able to evaluate your property, giving advice on whether improvements are required. A manager will also have in-house photographers to ensure that your images are on point. You will also have the benefit of professionally written listings, promotion across major listing platforms and networks and insightful advice on how to optimise your bookings.

6/ Don’t be shy about asking for reviews. 

Reviews are a powerful marketing strategy that can significantly increase your reputation. You don’t have to demand that guests leave glowing reviews. You can however be proactive by including a polite request for reviews in your post-booking communication. Send out an email thanking guests for their support, asking them to leave you a review if their stay was enjoyable. Most of the time, people are more than happy to leave a few words… especially if they have been impressed throughout their holiday.


Interested in transforming your Airbnb property into an enticing space for guests? Contact Totalstay today to learn more about our personalised holiday rental property management solutions.