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Essential Holiday Apartment Rental Features

  • 2017-08-23

Which features are most important for guests staying at your holiday apartment rental? As anyone who has ever stayed at a holiday apartment knows, it is often the small touches that have the most impact. Booking an apartment that only offers the absolute basics can lead to a less than inspiring getaway. Finding an apartment that is equipped with all the things you could ever need however makes for an amazing experience.

Essential Holiday Apartment Rental Features

With that in mind, which features are the most important for holiday apartment rental? From fully equipped kitchens to relaxation areas, entertainment and luxurious touches, we have put together a list of the most valued features that guests enjoy during their holiday.

Top Features for Your Holiday Apartment Rental

Some of the most useful, thoughtful features that you can offer at your holiday apartment rental include the following:

  • Quality bedding and towels. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your guests will be fine with your second hand towels and bedding. Instead, you should invest in high quality cotton bedding that has a high thread count, along with fluffy towels of various sizes. It is also a good idea to keep separate towels for swimming and beach visits. For extra points, offer comfortable bathrobes for men and women, along with slippers that will further add to your guests’ comfort.
  • Fully equipped kitchens. Holiday rentals are notorious for only including the absolute basics. You would likely find it frustrating to not be able to make meals, and so would your guests. Make sure that you have all of the kitchen items that would be used on a daily basis – toaster, kettle, coffee machine, blender or smoothie machine, frying pans, pots, cups, mugs, plates of various sizes, bowls for dining, mixing and serving, cutlery, bottle and can openers, microwave, stove, oven, fridge, freezer, glasses, ice trays and anything that your own kitchen may contain.
  • Spaces to relax. Your guests will want to spend a fair amount of their holiday relaxing. Make sure that you have plenty of places for them to relax. Lounges should have comfortable couches and chairs, coffee table, television, music and DVD players, books, games, rugs, cushions, throws, a fireplace and any other touches that help your guests relax. You can also create outdoor areas for relaxation as well on your apartment’s balcony or terrace, with loungers or outdoor lounge seats, gas BBQ and tables.
  • Things to do. As we briefly mentioned above, it is always good to have a selection of books, games and entertainment options for your guests. Keep a few popular board games such as Trivial Pursuit, 30 Seconds, Pictionary and Monopoly on hand, along with a deck of cards and a chess board. You can also keep a range of books that include lighthearted romances, mysteries, non-fiction and action. Offering some toys for kids that are suitable for quiet time will also be appreciated.
  • Security and safety. You should also think about how you can give your guests peace of mind during their stay. Burglar bars and doors, alarm systems that can be easily set and deactivated, panic buttons and smoke alarms are just some ideas. But you could also include touches such as non-slip stairs to make your apartment child-friendly.


The most effective way to ensure that you get the best results from your holiday apartment rental is to invest in a professional, experienced short term rental manager who can offer day to day management along with bookings management, guest concierge and marketing. To learn more about how a manager can take your holiday apartment rental to the next level, contact us today.