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    Essential Outdoor Features for Your Vacation Rental

    • May 19, 2017

    While guests notice indoor elements, outdoor areas can be a make or break factor when it comes to vacation rental. For many leisure travel guests, vacations are all about relaxing and enjoying some much-needed time off. Some may be travelling with a partner on a romantic break. Others are travelling with kids on their annual vacation. For most guests, having a place to enjoy the warm Cape Town weather is not only hoped for but even expected.

    Essential Outdoor Features for Your Vacation Rental

    How can you be sure that your vacation rental is designed to make full use of your outdoor space? Keep reading to get our expert tips on what features every outdoor space should include.

    Must-Have Outdoor Amenities for Your Vacation Rental

    Some of the most important features to include in your vacation rental’s outdoor space include the following:

    • Swimming pools. While very dry places such as Cape Town are facing water restrictions during the hot summer months, swimming pools remain one of the most popular outdoor features. If your property already has a pool, you can help to save water by investing in a cover that fits securely over the pool. If your property does not have a pool, you could look at adding a small plunge pool, or better still, a natural swimming pool that requires little to no upkeep once installed.
    • Outdoor dining areas. Barbeque or braai facilities are a must for any rental – regardless of the size. If you have the space, a boma or covered patio that has built-in BBQ and a bar fridge will add plenty of value. If you have a small apartment, a simple Weber BBQ will work just as well. Remember to include tables and chairs, along with umbrellas to shield guests against the hot sun. Other features that enhance your outdoor dining spaces include fire pits, outdoor gas heaters and outdoor kitchens.
    • Play areas. If your property caters to family travellers, having sufficient areas for children to play is essential. This could be anything from a patch of lawn to kiddie pools, outdoor equipment such as slides and swings, and a selection of toys that are suitable for outside play. Soccer balls, rugby balls, cricket bats and balls, trampolines and sheds that are converted into kid’s playrooms will also be welcomed by families booking your vacation rental.
    • Relaxation areas. Where will your guests unwind and relax? You could have a covered patio that contains couches, chairs, coffee tables and a selection of books or games. You could invest in a hammock or two (freestanding or positioned between trees), you could add some beanbags that are suitable for outdoor use, egg chairs, large outdoor pillows, loungers and various other touches that will make your guests feel at home. You could also consider an outdoor sauna and a hot tub, too.


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