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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips for the Family Travel Market

  • 2016-11-18

Vacation rental marketing for the family travel market differs significantly from strategies geared towards other travel markets. Within the leisure market, families comprise a somewhat diverse group that ranges from small to larger groups. Here in Cape Town, the summer holiday season falls at the end of the year. This is the busiest time for families planning a holiday, with many groups coming to the city to soak up sun on our world-class beaches.

For vacation home owners aiming to rent out property over the summer, families make up a valuable share of the overall market. Planning a vacation rental marketing strategy that is geared at attracting families is the best way to ensure optimal bookings for the duration of the holidays.

Today, we’re sharing some tips on how to market your short term rental to this travel group.

Vacation Rental Marketing for the Family Travel Sector

What does the average family group look like? This group could comprise of a small group of adult travellers of various ages, or a larger group comprising parents, kids, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Some families even plan holidays with other families, making this group even more diverse. The thing that almost all family groups share however is a need for central, spacious accommodation that is suitable for a variety of ages, preferences and specific requirements.

Vacation Rental Marketing for Family Travel Market

Some things to keep in mind when it comes to vacation rental marketing for family travel include the following:

  • Location is everything. During the summer holidays, beach villas and apartments are in high demand. The majority of families want to either be close to the beach, or close to major attractions. This is why areas such as the Waterfront, Camps Bay and the CBD are so popular. If your property is a bit off the beaten track, consider how you can make it attractive to guests. Perhaps the scenery is amazing. Maybe there are interesting or unusual attractions in the area. Do your homework to find out what makes your area unique to visitors of all ages.
  • Space is important, too. Many family groups need to cater to a number of people. Rentals that have bunk beds, twin beds, sleeper couches and other space-saving solutions are always popular, because they are suitable for larger groups. If you have a 2 bedroom vacation rental, you could consider adding bunk beds to make it more appealing to guests travelling with kids. Likewise, replacing your sofas with sleeper couches can further help to create space.
  • Be realistic in your listing descriptions. If your space is not really ideal for children, make this very clear in your listing. There are many other travel markets that you can target – trying to lure in families when your property is not safe or suitable for younger guests is never a good idea. Aside from increasing the risk of unhappy guests, you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands if the property is not child-proofed.
  • Put yourself in your prospective guests’ shoes. If you have kids, or know people who have kids, what facilities and features would YOU want on holiday? It could be a good stash of board games and age-appropriate Disney movies, or a welcome basket full of healthy treats. Ask your guests beforehand to list some of their kids’ favourite things to eat or drink. A truly family-friendly experience will be remembered, and will also encourage glowing reviews.
  • Go over and beyond the call of duty. The secret to successful vacation rental marketing is going beyond expectation. Things such as concierge services, personalised guidebooks that list a range of family-friendly activities, attractions and restaurants, emergency contact numbers, assistance with car hire, babysitting services, cots and high chairs and other extras will take your guests experience from average to unforgettable.


Here at Totalstay, we offer a comprehensive vacation rental marketing and management solution. Whether your core market is the family travel niche or you cater to corporate guests, honeymooners or any other type of market, we help you get the best results through tailored strategies and day to day management of your rental property. To find out more about what we offer, simply contact us today to discuss our unique approach to vacation rental marketing and management.