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Essential Short Term Rental Investment Upgrades

  • 2017-03-24

While there are a number of renovations that help increase the value of your holiday rental, what about smaller short term rental investment upgrades? Today’s guest is typically well-travelled, with a number of expectations in regards to the accommodation they choose. Guests expect a high level of quality, in both the features of their chosen accommodation and the level of service they receive. When selecting accommodation, guests will look at many factors. The choice between similar accommodations within the same area and price range can often come down to the features that each option offers.

Essential Short Term Rental Investment Upgrades

With this in mind, what sort of features do guests seek when choosing accommodation? And, better still, what upgrades will truly help improve your short term rental investment returns? Let’s take a look.

Short Term Rental Investment Upgrades That Add Value

We know that guest concierge can make a huge difference in your short term rental investment returns. We also know that it is important to consider security features that will keep your guests safe during their stay. But what about upgrades that add to your guests’ comfort, convenience and general well-being? Technology has allows us to live more comfortably than ever before. For short term property owners, there are many simple yet effective tools that will provide plenty of benefit to guests. Not only will these features enhance your listings; they will also increase your chances of a positive review.

In no particular order, here are some of the top upgrades to consider for your short term rental investment:

  • Uncapped, high speed WiFi. Reliable, high speed internet has become every bit as expected as kettles and toasters in short term rentals. Modern guests are used to being connected 24-7. Whether your guests are travelling for business or pleasure, they will want to be able to reach friends and family on social media, Skype and WhatsApp. They will likely also want to search for things to see and do in the area. Business travellers may need to be connected all the time for work or virtual meetings.
  • Charging stations. Your guests will likely travel with a number of devices: phones, tablets and cameras are just a few of the most widely used devices. Many will have chargers that connect to different plug points to the ones we have here in South Africa. A charging station is a simple way to allow guests to charge their devices. You could include a few international plug points and/or chargers, and even a charging mat that negates the need for a plug charger. These do not cost a huge amount, but will be much appreciated by your guests.
  • Room to room music. While not a necessity, music will certainly make your guests feel at home. A room to room music system that can be controlled via a single point or device is a good option. You could also consider iPod docking stations or similar devices that allow guests to connect their own music players to speakers across the property. It’s a good idea to also offer CD players along with a selection of CDs however, for those who prefer non-digital music.
  • Climate control. Even though the Cape is famous for its mild Mediterranean climate, the summers are known to get very hot, and the winters can sometimes get cool. A state-of-the-art climate control system will be far more effective than an ancient air-conditioner. It will also be simpler than fans and heaters. On a similar note however, you may want to consider features such as gas fireplaces that will certainly come in handy during the cooler months.
  • Underfloor heating. Temperatures may not drop to the freezing mark, but the nights can be cool once winter arrives. Underfloor heating and heated towel rails will surely come in handy during the winter months. Not only will it ensure that guest stay cosy – it will also enhance your listings.


Here at Totalstay, we aim to transform your property into a haven that appeals to the needs of the modern traveller. The very best way to ensure that your guests enjoy every moment of their stay (and return again and again) is to work with a dedicated short term rental manager. This will give you the advantage of day to day management as well as marketing, bookings management and guest concierge. To learn more about how a holiday rental manager can get the best returns from your short term rental investment, contact us today!