Holiday Letting Property Features to Avoid

    • September 15, 2017

    Not too long ago, we shared some tips on essential holiday apartment features that add value to your offering. Today, we have some tips on the features that can put guests off when browsing listings. From clutter to water-wasting, power-guzzling features, poor quality products and personal decor choices, this list offers some guidelines on what not to add to your rental.

    Holiday Letting Property Features to Avoid

    Keep reading to find out which holiday letting property features you definitely want to avoid if you want to get genuine results from short term letting.

    Make Sure You Avoid These Holiday Letting Property Features

    Some of the worst holiday letting property features for any short term rental include the following:

    • Cheap products. When your guests are on holiday, they will have an expectation of at least some level of luxury. Although it may seem more effective to save on items such as guest toiletries, foods, towels and linens, if you use cheap quality items in your rental, you will quickly develop a reputation for poor quality. Get the best quality items possible, and always stop to think about whether you would stay at a property that uses the worst quality products.
    • Power-guzzling appliances. Electric heaters use up a great deal of power, while gas heaters last longer without wasting electricity. On a similar note, ancient large appliances such as ovens and kettles and microwaves can also use up a great deal of power. This puts strain on your resources – especially over the long term when you have a regular flow of guests.
    • Bidets. With the Cape Town drought in full swing, anything that wastes water is not advisable. If bidets and other water wasters are used, you will quickly go over the amount of 20kl per household per month that is allocated during the Cape Town water restrictions. Become a water-wise rental by investing in smart flush toilets, automated taps that release water only when a hand or glass is placed in the flow, rain tanks and any other features that will help you save water.
    • Personal decor choices. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can dump all of your unwanted decor items, blankets, rugs and goods in your short term let. It is also not advised to use your own personal preferences when decorating your property, as these are not always accurate. Instead, either work with an experienced short term rental manager or consult an expert in property styling to help you prepare your property for guests.
    • Clutter. On a similar note, too much clutter is also not a good idea. Knick-knacks are a definitely no – even if they seem charming to you. Personal items should never be stored in this property either, while piles of books, linens and kitchen goods can also be off-putting to guests.


    Ready to find out which features add value to your short term let? Contact the Totalstay team today for an evaluation of your property, and we will provide expert tips on which holiday letting property features help you create the best impression.