Holiday Letting Trend – Container Homes

    • January 30, 2018

    Modern, compact and sustainable, container homes are certainly a holiday letting trend worth watching. If you have been considering this type of property for your short term let, you may already have some idea of their benefits. Made from shipping crates and other sustainable materials, these homes are often small and compact. They are also often fitted with technology that allows off-grid living. For travellers seeking unusual accommodation options, these sustainable short term rentals are often in demand.

    Holiday Letting Trend - Container Homes

    Keep reading to find out what makes this type of holiday letting property a great choice for guests and owners alike.

    Why Consider the Container Home Holiday Letting Trend?

    Should you consider this holiday letting trend? In a nutshell, yes. Container hopes have many unique benefits to offer. Some of the top things to know about contain homes include the following:

    Container homes are sustainable.

    Many container houses are built from old shipping containers and similar resources. This means that there is far less impact, with no foundation, brickwork and extensive labour required. Many are designed to blend into their surrounds easily, further adding to their appeal for nature-lovers and other sustainable travellers. Look for containers that are adapted to the environment. Those that use off-grid features will be more popular but also easier to install and manage.

    Container homes are easy to clean.

    This type of property does not require much work to keep clean. Most are set up on a plot that requires no traditional garden. Because they are made from metal and other high-grade material, they can withstand the elements easily. For best results, look for containers that have been treated with anti-rust spays or weather-proof materials that will keep the container insulated and protected.

    Container homes are in demand.

    This type of property is a constant favourite on booking sites such as Airbnb, and for good reason. Today’s traveller is not only concerned about seeing the world. Many also want to do so in a way that leaves a minimal footprint behind. Due to their very nature, this type of property allows guests to enjoy an eco-friendly accommodation option that does not impact too heavily on the environment. Container homes will appeal to Millenial travellers – a major travel market. They will also appeal to couples and honeymooners wanting a cosy retreat.

    Container homes are compact.

    Finally, container houses are also compact, making them even easier to manage. With the help of a short term rental manager such as Totalstay, you can easily keep your container in excellent condition, whether in use or not. This type of property will be popular with couples and single travellers alike. Because of their size, many can be moved fairly easily, further adding to their convenience.

    All in all, container homes offer an excellent choice for those wanting a sustainable short term let. If you’re looking for a property type that offers the best of both worlds, containers are a great holiday letting trend.