Getting the Most from Honeymoon Rentals

    • January 30, 2018

    Getting the most from honeymoon rentals is easier than you may think. For the large number of honeymooners that choose Cape Town as their destination as the place to begin a brand new life together, finding the right place to stay is crucial. The right accommodation can make or break a honeymoon.

    Getting the Most from Honeymoon Rentals

    In this guide, we take a look at some of the ways that you can get the most from the honeymoon rentals, in order to provide guests with the very best possible experience.

    Getting Results from the Honeymoon Rentals Market

    Some tips to keep in mind when growing honeymoon rentals include the following:

    1. Focus on experience. Most couples are not only looking for somewhere to stay but rather somewhere to begin their life together as a married couple. What does your rental have that others don’t? How can you provide your guests with the ultimate romantic experience? Whether you market your rental as the ideal couple’s retreat by the ocean, a compact city studio that is close to major attractions, a one-of-a-kind guest farm, or a private getaway that offers plenty of privacy and tranquility, focus on how you can provide guests with experiences. You could offer tailored tours of the area, provide lists of things to do, organise trips to local wine farms, plan beach picnics, or even offer spa treatments in the comfort of your rental.
    2. Think out of the box. Every other villa and apartment promises honeymooners the best possible place to stay. Are they really the best, however? Or, are they just like every other accommodation rental? Once you start thinking about how you can create a better experience, you will also start to think out of the box. You may surprise yourself with the ideas you think of for your rental.
    3. Choose the right area. Although this is easier said than done, certain areas are more popular than others. For honeymooners, the best areas are near the beach, overlooking the ocean, close to all the action, or somewhere far enough to feel like an escape. Even if you do not have a sought-after area, you can focus on the unique benefits offered to guests in order to sell the area more effectively.
    4. Go the extra mile. Things such as guest concierge go a long way. Private chefs, personal butlers, on-call spa specialists, fresh flowers, a fridge stocked with treats and bubbly, a selection of romantic movies, romantic music, board games, his-and-hers robes and slippers, personalised tour recommendations or itineraries, and other thoughtful touches can all go a long way in making honeymooners feel pampered.
    5. Don’t forget the small touches. Finally, don’t ever underestimate the power of customer service. Something as small as 24-7 guest support can make all the difference to your guests. How would you want to be treated during your stay? What would make you want to return? Think about the small touches that add the most and you will soon be on your way to creating an inviting space for guests.


    Short term rental management is easily one of the best ways to provide your guests with the type of experience that they remember forever. Help your guests enjoy the very best honeymoon by considering these simple changes to holiday rentals and you will see the results.