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Holiday Rental Marketing for Niche Travel

  • 2017-02-25

One of the most untapped travel groups to focus your holiday rental marketing efforts on, the niche travel sector offers a number of opportunities for short term rental investors. In the 5th edition of Marketing Tourism in South Africa, author Richard George identifies 20 Special Interest tourism groups. These range from ecotourism to ancestry tourism, bird tourism, gambling tourism, food tourism and even more unusual niches, such as lighthouse and battlefield tourism. But over and beyond these niches, there are also many other reasons for travelling to South Africa. Medical tourism, golf tourism and backpacking tourism are all showing signs of growth.

Holiday Rental Marketing for Niche Travel

For holiday rental property owners, these markets offer a small but potentially lucrative slice of the tourism pie. While niche groups may be smaller in comparison to larger markets such as business and leisure groups, many niche travellers have a higher budget to spend on their travels. In this mini guide, we take a look at how you can position your rental to attract niche travel groups, with some simple but effective holiday rental marketing ideas that you can put into action.

Holiday Rental Marketing for Niche Travel

How do you go about attracting niche travellers? Some holiday rental marketing tips to consider include the following:

  • Focus on a single niche. To effectively reach your target audience, you need to focus your efforts on attracting that audience. Trying to appeal to every traveller will negate any rewards to be gained from niche travel marketing. You may find that some niches overlap however – with other niches and with broader markets. For example, spa tourism, wedding tourism, food tourism and wine tourism share a lot of things in common with the wider leisure travel market. You could therefore position your rental as a romantic escape, which will cater to wedding tourists as well as honeymooners and romance travellers.
  • Do your homework. Find out as much as possible about your target niche. What are the main activities that this niche will likely do during their trip? What is the average spend per person in this group? Do they typically travel alone, in pairs or in groups? Knowing your market well can provide invaluable information that allows you to position your rental more effectively. You can then create tailored listings that are designed to entice your target group. You can also provide guest services that offer great value to your niche travellers.
  • Hire a holiday rental manager. The best way to ensure that your holiday rental marketing strategies hit the mark and reach the right audiences is to work with an experienced, dedicated holiday rental manager. A good manager will market your property across a diverse selection of channels, allowing to maximise your reach. Over and beyond marketing, a manager will also provide solutions such as bookings management, day to day property management and guest services. This in turn will ensure that your property is expertly managed, thereby appealing to the high expectations of international travellers.


Whether you aim to market your property to a niche sector, or a broader group, Totalstay is here to make the holiday rental marketing process as simple as possible. We offer a bespoke, full service approach to short term property management that is designed to help you get results. To learn more about our solution, simply contact us today to arrange an free hour long evaluation of your property.