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How to Make Your Beach House Rental Child-Friendly

  • 2016-12-21

Summer holidays have arrived in Cape Town, and for property owners wanting to maximise their beach house rental bookings, it’s always a good idea to ensure that rentals are child-friendly. Travel markets in Cape Town typically fall within two broader categories: leisure and business. Within the leisure travel market, families make up a large percentage of visitors. While some families consist of adults, many include children of various ages.

How to Make Your Beach House Rental Child-Friendly

For rental property owners, families can be a lucrative travel market. Larger properties close to the sea are especially popular over the busy summer months. Many families plan holidays that last a week or longer, with peak family travel coinciding with the school holidays. Late December and early January is when many travellers plan their holidays to the Cape, taking advantage of the warm weather and beaches. If you plan to target family groups, it is important that your beach house rental is suitable for children.

Preparing Your Beach House Rental for School Holidays

Is your property child-friendly? And, if not, how can you make it safe for smaller guests? Some of the ways that you can prepare your beach house rental for the school holidays include the following:

  • Swimming pool safety. Infinity pools are popular with many travellers, but for those travelling with children, swimming pools can pose a very real danger. While parental supervision should be expected at all times, accidents happen all too easily. The simplest way to prevent children from straying into the pool on their own is to keep the pool secure. Pools that are fenced in are often considered over open pools, while pool covers can also help to keep swimming pools safe when little ones are around. Parents then have full control over swimming times, allowing kids to play outside safely.
  • Floors and tiles. Singles and couples adore modern villas and apartments with smooth shiny tiled floors. Parents travelling with children know all too well that tiles can be slippery at the best of times. Children are active even when they are trying not to be and sometimes, falls are unavoidable even on surfaces that are completely non-slip. If your property is tiled, you could consider adding non-slip mats in passages and other key areas. If this is not possible, make sure that families enquiring about your property are aware that the property may have slippery floors.
  • Steps and stairs. Another thing that parents look for when browsing accommodation for a family holiday is steps and stairs. Contemporary split level villas may be suitable for adults, but small steps and larger stairs may not be as easy for children to master. This can be even more risky on tiled floors that are slippery. If it is possible, make it clear to interested guests that the property has steps or uneven floor levels. You could also consider adding non-slip mats to smaller steps.
  • Gardens and balconies. Is there some sort of space for kids to play outdoors? Does your garden have a lawn or is it all paved? If you are actively marketing to family groups, you could consider adding astroturf or fake grass on a paved area. A small sandbox and a few outdoor toys can also go a long way in providing kids with a spot to play outside.
  • Beds and sleeping areas. You can optimise space by adding bunk beds instead of regular twin beds. Fold out beds such as trundles also work well for larger families. If your guests are travelling with babies, you could consider having a cot that can be placed in the master bedroom or childrens’ room. Providing extra bedding will also be a huge help. Sleeper couches can be a great way to create sleeping areas without taking up space.


Just a few small changes can make a big difference if you are aiming to attract more families to your beach house rental. One thing that can make even more difference is to consider a fully managed holiday property rental that provides everything from housekeeping and concierge to day to day management, bookings management and marketing across multiple channels. To find out more about taking your beach house rental to new heights of success this summer, contact Totalstay today.