More Tips for a Water Wise Short Term Vacation Let Property

    • October 27, 2017

    With Cape Town water restrictions still a major concern, now is a better time than ever to make sure that your short term vacation let property is water wise. Many experts have stated that we have a very dry summer approaching. If the low winter rains are any indication, property owners will need to be extra careful to prevent water waste over the upcoming season. Once tourists start to arrive, it will be a lot harder to think about water saving strategies for your rental.

    More Tips for a Water Wise Short Term Vacation Let Property

    The best plan is to start thinking right now, in November, about how your short term vacation let property can become water wise. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas on how you can save water.

    How to Create a Water Wise Short Term Vacation Let Property

    Some of the ways that you can save water at your short term vacation let property include the following:

    • No to baths, yes to showers. That does not mean long showers however. If you switch to showers, remove bath plugs and encourage guests to keep their showers to a maximum of five minutes, you will save a great deal of water. You can go one step further by changing your shower heads to water saving devices that will maximise flow and prevent wasted water. You could also use a large container on the floor of the shower, and ask guests to empty the container into the garden or bowl of the toilet.
    • Change kitchen taps to reduce flow. Think about adding a diffuser to kitchen taps that can be removed as needed. These are great for washing hands or vegetables without wasting water. If you do use a regular tap, keep a container in the sink to catch water. This water can be used in the garden or in the toilet bowl.
    • Invest in a water wise washing machine. These can have a big impact on your water usage, as they limit the amount of water required for rinsing and washing cycles. Even a small change can also help to reduce your monthly rates and water bills, which also all helps to add value.
    • Stock your bathroom with waterless hand sanitiser. These products are cost-effective, and can also make a big difference over time. Guests will no longer need to use water to wash hands, but instead can use waterless products that disinfect quickly and simply.
    • Get a pool cover. If changing your swimming pool to a natural pool is not a viable option, make sure that you look after your pool by covering it when not in use. This helps to prevent evaporation. You could also look at fitting an overflow pipe from your roof into your pool, which will catch any rainwater.


    If you’d like further advice on how to prepare your property for season, get in touch with the Totalstay team today. We offer a comprehensive short term rental management solution that includes everything you need to take your short term vacation let property to the next level.