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    Preparing Your Short Term Accommodation Rental for Summer

    • August 25, 2017

    The peak season is just around the corner, which means that short term accommodation rental will be in high demand here in Cape Town. Is your rental equipped for the upcoming summer season? If not, what can you do to make your property summer-ready?

    Preparing Your Short Term Accommodation Rental for Summer

    In Cape Town, the busy summer months bring record numbers of visitors to the city in search of beaches, sunshine and leisure. Many are getting away from a cold northern hemisphere winter, while others are travelling from other parts of South Africa. All of these travellers share one thing in common – they are planning a holiday that they hope will be memorable for all the right reasons. A huge factor in how well this holiday is remembered is how well your guests’ short term accommodation rental is equipped for self-catering. In the summer months, you need to go over and beyond to basics to ensure that your guests have a rewarding stay.

    How to Prepare Your Short Term Accommodation Rental for Summer

    What should your short term accommodation rental include for guests to have a great holiday? For starters, the following should be on offer:

    • Air-conditioner and fans. Air-conditioner is essential during the peak of the Cape Town summer, especially from December to March. Fans are also useful – especially in bedrooms and living areas, and covered patios. Overhead fans are usually the most effective as they allow for the best amount of breeze within an entire room.
    • Swimming towels. Make sure that your rental has ample bath towels as well as plenty of swimming towels. If guests have to use bath towels at the beach or pool, they will quickly go through clean towels. Make sure that you have both in stock, with enough to see your guests through to your laundry day.
    • Freezer. This is a given, of course, but a big freezer is extremely useful during the hot summer months. Make sure that you have a few ice trays in your kitchen, along with thoughtful extras such as ice lolly makers that allow your guests to make ice pops from moulds.
    • Outdoor shower. Although not a necessity, if your rental is near the beach, an outdoor shower will be especially useful. These do not have to cost the earth. A simple cold water shower near the pool will be appreciated. You can even get creative and make a green shower using rain water.
    • Telescope. This is also an optional extra. In the clear summer nights, it can be fun for guests to spot stars from your deck or balcony.
    • Sunscreen and sunhats. Don’t forget the small touches – sunscreen in a high spf and sunhats are all advised. Guests from cooler climates will find it easy to get sun burnt. After-sun lotion or aloe vera gel will help them treat sunburn.
    • Deck chairs. Keep a few easily to stack and carry deck chairs on hand. These can be used on your own deck, but guests can also take them to the beach. Just make sure that you have a clause in place to protect lost or damaged chairs.
    • Beach umbrellas. Likewise, these are also a good idea to use on your deck or balcony, or let guests take to the beach. Like the chairs, you should make sure that these are protected by a clause stating that you will charge for damages or lost chairs.
    • Mosquito nets or repellent. Finally, it is also useful to keep mosquito nets and repellent on hand. Many European guests are bitten badly by mozzies, which can be uncomfortable at best. A good quality repellent will help guests sleep without the whine of mosquitoes.


    Looking for more tips on how to market your vacation rental during summer? Contact Totalstay today to learn more about how a short term rental manager can help you get the most from your short term accommodation rental.