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How to Equip Your Beach Rental Investment for Self-Catering

  • 2017-01-06

Preparing for holiday rentals is an essential step for anyone considering beach rental investment property. Over and beyond making sure that your property is suitably furnished, you will also need to ensure that every single room is fully stocked with basic items required for self-catering. A beach rental offers guests the chance to escape for a while and enjoy a holiday in a destination such as Cape Town. Unlike a hotel, self-catering apartments and villas allow guests the flexibility of a fully equipped home away from home. This means that your property needs to have everything that modern, luxurious home has to offer.

How to Equip Your Beach Rental Investment for Self-Catering

But, while it is absolutely essential to have the basics, going one step further and providing your guests with extra touches that enhance their comfort during a stay will help generate positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Self-Catering Must-Haves for Your Beach Rental Investment

When guests make a booking at your rental, they expect to enjoy a high level of service, comfort and luxury. This means that even a 1-star apartment will need to be fitted with the most basic of supplies. A 4 or 5-star apartment or villa on the other hand will need to be furnishing and equipped according to its high tourism grading. Few things lead to bad reviews quicker than a poorly equipped holiday rental. Some of the absolute must-haves for your beach house rental investment include the following:

  • Kitchen. Appliances should include a decent coffee machine, microwave, kettle, toaster and fridge, along with a washer and drier and dishwasher, if possible. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your old cast-off appliances will suffice. Stainless steel appliances that are new and in excellent working order will make a far better impression than ancient, yellowed appliances that have seen better days. You will also need a full set of crockery, cutlery, cooking and serving utensils and dishes, and extra items such as jugs, knives, cutting boards, peelers and anything else that will allow guests to prepare meals. Items such as a smoothie maker and/or juicer will certainly go the extra mile. Don’t forget to include basic cleaning items, too – dish soap, laundry supplies, sponges and dishcloths are useful between scheduled cleans.
  • Living room. Regardless of the season, a few throws will always be appreciated. Comfortable cushions, rugs and poufs/ottomans further add to your guests’ comfort. Make sure that you have a television that is connected to DSTV as well as a DVD player. Include a selection of family-friendly DVDs. If your rental caters to families, you could also include some board games as well. Consider your own living room at home, then ask yourself what you can add that will make your guests truly feel welcome.
  • Bedroom. For a budget rental, you can get away with cheap linens. Anything over 3-stars however will require high quality bedding, throws and linens. Invest in bedding with a high thread count, and stock up so that you have more than enough available. Keep sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases simple and neutral – you can’t go wrong with white or cream if you are striving for a hotel-grade level of luxury. In addition to linens, you will need universal plug adapters for chargers and other devices, some sort of closet or wardrobe with plenty of hangers, a hairdryer, a desk or space that can double as a work area or dressing table, air-con or a fan for summer and a heater for winter, and decor that is tasteful without being too obtrusive. Disposable slippers can be an excellent addition.
  • Bathroom. Invest in the best quality toiletries you can afford. Towels should include bath sheets as well as regular towels and hand towels. It’s a good idea to keep a good selection on hand; especially if you have a swimming pool. Quality bathmats and fluffy bathrobes can also add to your guests’ sense of comfort during their stay. Candles, sponges and spa-like products such as aroma therapy oils and diffusers should also be considered. A first-aid kit stocked with basics such as band-aids, headache pills, antihistamines, cotton wool, bandages, disinfectant and topical bug bite creams is also a good idea.
  • Outdoors. If your beach house rental investment has a swimming pool, you could keep items such as lilos and pool noodles on hand for the summer months. Beach towels, BBQ facilities, citronella candles, sun umbrellas and loungers are also a good idea. If space allows, a hammock will be extremely popular. If your rental is tailored for family holidays, a few outdoor toys for kids will be appreciated. These can include a small sandpit, balls or a plastic paddle pool.


What is the most important addition to any self-catered beach rental? It’s simpler than you may think… Holiday rental management is the very best way to be certain that your guests have the best possible experience, from the very first enquiry all the way to final check-out. From tailored concierge to day to day management, housekeeping, security, branded welcome packs, reservations management and other bespoke solutions, Totalstay has everything you need to take your beach house rental investment to the next level.

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