Saving Water at Your Short Term Let

    • January 30, 2018

    There are many ways to save water at your short term let – not all of which require major renovation. As the Cape Town drought continues to worsen, we can no longer afford to ignore the impact that we all have on our water supply. That does not mean that guests need to stay away from Cape Town, however. What it does mean is making a few switches to minimise the waste from your property.

    Saving Water at Your Short Term Let

    Keep reading to get our tips on how to create a water-conscious short term let.

    Creating a Water-Wise Short Term Let

    Some of the tips to keep in mind for your short term let include the following:

    Instead of baths install showers.

    A water-wise shower will use far less water than a bath. The days of long baths are over for Cape Town visitors. Instead of wasting water through deep baths, aim to add a shower. If your property has baths and showers, remove the bath plugs and encourage guests to shower instead. If you do not have a shower, now is a good time to think about installing one.

    Instead of swimming pools consider a natural pool.

    Another way to save water without losing guests is to look at turning your swimming pool into a natural swimming pool. These are pools that require no top-ups. Thanks to filtering systems and layers of pebbles and water plants, the water is clean enough to drink. As an added bonus, a beautiful natural pool will be a far better selling point than a chlorine swimming pool.

    Instead of a lush garden plan an indigenous garden.

    Say goodbye to lush gardens full of trees and exotic plants. As pretty as English country gardens and tropical gardens may be, indigenous gardens are the way to go. Xeriscaped gardens use local species that are tough and easy to grow even without water. The result is a beautiful drought-resistant garden that will not be affected throughout the drought.

    Instead of high-pressure taps install low-pressure taps.

    This can be done fairly simply. Switch your high-pressure taps for low-pressure taps, in the kitchen and bathroom and any other room that has a sink. Even a small change like this can save a fair amount of water. Small changes quickly add up to bigger changes, after all.

    Instead of hot tubs install rain showers.

    Sadly, there is no justification for hot tubs in a water crisis. While your guests will need to understand that drinking water comes before Jacuzzi water, one way to save water and create a unique feature is to install a rain shower. These showers use rain and solar panels to create outdoor showers. You can connect your shower to your rain tank with the help of a pump.


    Working together, we can survive Cape Town water restrictions and push back Day Zero. For more tips on how to create a short term let that does not impact on the environment, view our tips on how to create a sustainable rental.