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Short Term Rental Styling Tips

  • 2017-09-19

Short term rental styling plays a vital part of your success in the holiday letting game. As tools such as Airbnb continue to grow, more people than ever before are letting out their property to guests. The City of Cape Town allows home owners to build a second property on their land. Renting out an unused room has become par for the course in this part of the world. This shows just how big the holiday rental market has become.

Short Term Rental Styling Tips

Although these is always a huge demand for holiday rentals, especially in popular areas such as the City Centre, Camps Bay and Clifton, short term rental styling can often make the difference in how frequently properties are booked. Properties that have not bothered to style their premises run the risk of losing out to a competitor who has put in the effort. It is sadly as simple as that.

Short Term Rental Styling

How can you be sure that your property stands out? Consider the following short term rental styling tips…

  • Professional styling and photography are essential. One of the many reasons to invest in a short term rental manager is that it gives you the chance to style and photograph your property professionally. Unless you are an interior designer who has access to a professional photographer and stylist, you may not know what guests look for when browsing listings. Effective holiday rental photography can make all the difference in your booking rates. Bad photographs on the other hand can have the opposite effect, making it harder to bring in bookings consistently.
  • Clutter gives the illusion of mess. In our guide to holiday letting property features to avoid, we mentioned clutter as a definite no-no. You may not think it is such a tragedy to have a lot of knick knacks, photographs, vases, books, ornaments and clutter in your holiday rental, but in reality, clutter can give the illusion of untidy chaos. When there is less stuff filling up the property, guests will feel far more relaxed. As you are essentially selling relaxation, it is essential to create a space that is welcoming to guests.
  • Decor trends are not always inviting. That brings us on to our next point. Be careful about following interior decor trends. You may love a certain trend, but it doesn’t mean your guests will as well. The best decor scheme is one that is minimal, simple and comfortable. Rather than trying to look edgy and cool, focus on providing your guests with an inviting space that feels like the next best thing to home.
  • Lighting is always important. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. For your photographs, good lighting is especially important. Even the most spectacular short term rentals will look awful if the lighting is dark and gloomy, or overly bright and glaring. Subtle lighting that is soft yet bright enough for guests to not have to peer into the gloom is ideal. This once again why it helps to work with an expert who can advise you on the best lighting for your rental.
  • Comfort is even more important. Finally, even more important than lighting is comfort. That angled couch you have in your lounge may work for you, but if guests cannot imagine themselves relaxing on it, it will not do your listings much good. Cushions, blankets, rugs, high quality bedding, comfortable beds, comfortable, squashy couches and chairs, and other touches will all help your rental look more appealing to potential guests.


Ready to learn more about working with a professional, experienced short term rental manager who will be able to help you style, photograph and market your holiday let? Contact Totalstay today to book an evaluation of your property, and we will help with a wide range of services, from short term rental styling to active marketing, day to day management, bookings management and even guest concierge.