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Why Your Short Term Vacation Let Needs Welcome Packs

  • 2017-06-30

One of the many, many reasons to partner with a dedicated short term rental manager is that they provide expertly put-together short term vacation let welcome packs. Of all the things that you offer guests from the moment that they make a booking to the moment that they check out, welcome packs are one of the most important. As the name implies, this package is designed to welcome guests and make them feel at home.

Why Your Short Term Vacation Let Needs Welcome Packs

How important are welcome packs, really? And, more to the point, how can a custom welcome pack help you succeed in your short term vacation let goals? Keep reading to find out why this small but powerful touch is so important.

Adding Value to Short Term Vacation Let Guests

Ultimately, you are selling an experience to guests and not just a room. While the property itself is certainly important, along with the views and location, it is the experience that guests have during their vacation that determines whether or not they will be back again. It is also the experience that makes the difference between a good review and a poor review. Simply put, welcome packs are about adding real value to short term vacation let guests. These packs don’t have to be massive or over the top, or cost the earth. Even the smallest detail can make a big impact. But above all else, they need to give guests everything they need to kick off their stay.

Some of the top reasons to invest in a vacation rental manager who is able to provide a far more professional welcome pack compared to an independent owner include the following:

  • Welcome packs are carefully planned according to industry trends, guest reviews and feedback and other relevant factors. This is essentially the difference between a cheap B&B and a luxury hotel. A fully managed rental acts much like a hotel, while giving guests the freedom and flexibility of a self-catered villa or apartment. A fruit basket and a hand-written note is a nice touch, but a comprehensive welcome pack that includes area guides, house rules, branded toiletries, stationery and other professional touches will almost always look more polished and more impressive.
  • Welcome packs are put together and presented to guests by managers and their staff. This takes out all of the hassle of purchasing, writing, printing and putting together packs on your own. Because packs are consistent and branded under your property’s management company, the message that it sends to guests is one of luxury and organisation.
  • Welcome packs are genuinely useful to guests. Going back to our first point about how carefully packs are planned, the result is items that guests actually want to receive. It’s a lovely gesture to include items that you yourself might like, such as chocolates, food delivery numbers, or free gym memberships for the duration of your guests’ stay. But items that are more likely to be used by every type of guest are almost always appreciated more by guests.


You could think of short term vacation let welcome packs as the first impression that your rental makes on guests after the initial long distance communication via phone or email or online booking form. This is your chance to show guests what they can expect from your rental. A professional welcome pack sends an instant message that guests will be able to look forward to a high quality experience. This in turn is the best way to grow your vacation rental reputation. A poorly planned, cheap welcome pack on the other hand gives guests the impression that you have put something together at the last minute.

Ready to learn more about working with a dedicated short term manager? Contact the Totalstay team today to find out how to get started with a comprehensive short term vacation let management solution that covers everything from marketing to day to day management, bookings and guest concierge.