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Vacation House Rentals for Team Building Groups

  • 2017-03-30

Making up a small but significant niche within the broader business travel market, team building groups often require vacation house rentals that offer more privacy and flexibility than traditional hotel accommodation. This group has its own needs, which are very different to that of a large leisure travel group.

Vacation House Rentals for Team Building Groups

How can you position your rental to cater to team building groups? Keep reading to get our expert tips on catering vacation house rentals to larger corporate teams.

How to Market Vacation House Rentals to Corporate Teams

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your rental is ideally positioned to meet the needs of any traveller (corporate or otherwise) is to consider working with a dedicated vacation rental manager. This will not only give you the advantage of tailored marketing across multiple channels; it will also give you access to day to day management, guest concierge services and booking management. This will ensure that you are easily able to meet the often stringent demands of corporate traveller, while also ensuring that your rental stays booked throughout the year thanks to expert management.

Some things to consider when marketing your vacation rental to corporate teams include the following:

  • Group size. Corporate teams can include smaller groups of three or four people, or larger groups of 20 or more people. Most groups tend to fall somewhere in the middle however. With larger travel groups, the most important thing is ensuring that everyone has sufficient space. One way to provide additional space is to use bunk beds in rooms instead of double beds, or twin beds. Pull-out beds in the form of sleeper couches will also help to add more space. Make sure that you are clear about the maximum number of guests that your property sleeps. If you make huge claims about how many people your rental caters to, it will be a disaster if guests book, only to find out that you do not actually have as much space as you said you did.
  • Facilities. Unlike larger family travel groups, team building groups are comprised of co-workers. Many will be friends, but they will require individual beds and sufficient bathrooms. Facilities that are typically sought by corporate groups include fully equipped kitchens, outdoor features such as swimming pools and BBQs, entertainment systems, reliable WiFi connections, work areas in the form of desks and basics such as laundry facilities, air-con and heating. Couches and game rooms will be much appreciated as well, while home cinemas will likely be a sought-after feature.
  • Special needs. Many corporate groups will have special requirements on top of the basic facilities. It can be extremely useful for those targeting business travel markets to provide items such as projectors, white boards, extra chairs, expanded work spaces, telephones, PA support and also notebooks, pens, pencils, white board markers and other items that will allow teams to work. If this is your core market, you could find out what equipment is needed when bookings are made. This will go a long way in helping you establish a reputation as a business-friendly vacation rental.


Ready to get serious about your investment? Contact Totalstay today to learn more about our full service approach to vacation house rentals, that includes everything you need to get ahead. From marketing to day to day management, guest concierge, bookings management and plenty more besides, we help you take your rental to the next level.