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Should You Consider Niche Travel Markets?

  • 2017-12-18

Wondering whether niche travel markets are worth considering? Not sure which market is a good fit? It can be challenging to know how to choose a niche, whether or not you should even target a niche and how to go about targeting your marketing efforts accordingly.

Should You Consider Niche Travel Markets

If you have been thinking about targeting niche markets for your short term let, you may be wondering how to get started. Keep reading to get our expert tips on how to choose and target travel niches.

Top Niche Travel Markets to Consider

Some of the niches you may decide to choose when considering niche travel markets include the following:

  • Child-friendly travel. Child-friendly travel is a growing niche within broader family travel. As the name implies, accommodation in this niche is not only suitable for families but catered to children. This niche is fast growing with a number of opportunities offered to short term rental owners. You could tap into this market by offering features that will appeal to small travellers. Fenced swimming pools, backyard jungle gyms, kid-friendly bunk beds, a stash of games, non-slip flooring, and a good location near to popular attractions are all a good start.
  • Retirement travel. There is also a consistent trend towards retirement travel. Many travellers wait until retirement to see the world. These travellers are typically 60 or older, but that does not mean that they are unable to fend for themselves. Most retired travellers are fit, active and keen to explore their surrounds. To appeal to this market, offer detailed area guides, personalised fridge stocking, non-slip flooring, handrails next to baths and toilets, and any other luxury that would add to your guests’ stay.
  • Honeymoon travel. Honeymooners make up a portion of the romantic travel market. Newlyweds typically look for the same things that other couples are looking for, except that they are seeking a little more romance. Luxurious spa bathrooms, outdoor showers, hot tubs, large master suites, king sized beds, chocolates, romantic movies, a fridge stocked with cream, berries, oysters and other treats, and any other special touch that would add to their honeymoon.
  • Luxury travel. Luxury travellers have high expectations and large budgets. These travellers will not settle for anything less than 5-star. If your property is not graded, do not bother trying to target this market. You may get lucky but more likely you will find that you do not bring in bookings. Features that luxury travellers look for include luxurious spa bathrooms with rain showers and large tubs, king sized beds, butler services, daily housekeeping, chauffeur services, and other unusual touches.
  • Single travel. Single travel is on the rise as well. These travellers look for compact apartments, cottages and studios that can easily cater to one person. Many are concerned about security, while accessibility is also very important. Features and services to offer include compact single bedrooms, detailed tour guides or personalised itineraries, security features, and lock up and go style living.


Whichever market you are targeting, one thing is for sure – a comprehensive short term rental management solution is the best way to meet the needs of the modern traveller. To learn more about investing in a short term rental managers for your Cape Town rental, get in touch with our team today.