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Holiday Letting Trend – Trailers

  • 2018-02-16

Trailers and similar micro-lets are a holiday letting trend that is set to become even more popular in the years ahead. Once limited to campsites and budget accommodation, the trailers of today are stylish, luxurious and fully equipped to meet the demands of the modern traveller.

Holiday Letting Trend - Trailers

This trend has become popular among eco-conscious travellers, singles, couples and those who prefer accommodation that is a little bit unconventional or different. For short term rental owners, trailers require space to park, along with a bit of investment to ensure that guests don’t have to rough it too much during their stay. Keep reading to find out more about this trend, to see if it is worth considering.

How to Use This Holiday Letting Trend

When we talk about trailers, we don’t mean battered caravans that have not left the 80s. Instead, we mean restored mobile homes that are compact, sustainable and equipped with modern conveniences. As the demand for sustainable travel grows, more guests than ever are looking for smaller holiday homes that have little to no impact on the surrounding environment. Much as container homes are growing in popularity, trailers and other mobile micro-homes are also gaining a cult following.

If you are considering a mobile trailer rental for your short term rental, here are a few ways to ensure that you get the most from this holiday letting trend:

  • Choose the right location. Whether set up near the ocean, in a scenic wilderness area, a forest or even in a pretty corner of a large garden, the setting for your trailer can make all the difference. Guests typically want to feel like they are camping, without the actual need to sleep outdoors. Because trailers do not have gardens, they need to be parked in an area that serves as a garden instead. Set up deckchairs, a picnic table, an outdoor couch or other seating, add a few umbrellas or a gazebo and create a tranquil space that invites guests to relax and unwind in nature (or as close to nature as you can get).
  • Equip your trailer. Make sure that your trailer is equipped with high quality beds, luxurious high thread count bedding, modern appliances, a fully functioning kitchenette, seating, bathroom, air-conditioning, fans, television, sound system, smart locks, home automation and anything else that adds to your guests’ comfort. Take the time to think about the touches that would make guests feel at home. This could be anything from a fridge stocked with treats to teepees or tents and sleeping bags that allow your guests to sleep outdoors if your location is secure enough for traditional camping.
  • Invest in a manager. A short term rental manager is the best way to ensure that you are able to provide the very best level of service to your guests. This goes far beyond facilities, providing guest concierge, booking management, day to day management and proactive marketing across multiple channels. A good manager will help you position your trailer to couples, ensure that professional photographs are taken, create well-crafted listings and ensure that your guests’ needs are met from the moment of their enquiry to the time that they complete their final checkout.

To find out more about how a manager can help you take your trailer to the next level, contact Totalstay today. We help you make the most of this holiday letting trend to ensure the best results.