The Rise of Vacation Rental Home Automation

    • February 15, 2018

    Vacation rental home automation has come a long way over the last year or so. Smart vacation lets, in general, have become a major trend for 2018 and beyond, offering a way for guests to enjoy a streamlined experience that is safer, simpler and easier all round. From smart locks to comprehensive home automation technology, automation is slowly but surely changing the way that people travel and live.

    The Rise of Vacation Rental Home Automation

    For vacation rental owners, this technology offers a way to provide guests with the best possible experience. It also simplifies the process for owners and short term rental managers as well, with many tools acting as a handy on-site concierge tool that adds a touch of luxury for guests.

    Why Consider Vacation Rental Home Automation?

    Some of the benefits offered by vacation rental home automation include the following:

    • Guests can make restaurant bookings instantly. Rather than wasting time and effort doing a manual search or calling around, guests can use voice-activated home automation assistants to book restaurants instantly. Whether your home uses Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Home or Wink Hub, the easier it is for your guests to get out and enjoy their holiday, the more likely they are to be happy throughout their stay.
    • Guests can control temperature. Most automation hubs also make it easy to set temperature easily, without having to fiddle with thermostats. During a long, hot Cape summer, this means that guests can reduce the temperature simply by giving a voice command. In the cooler winter months meanwhile, homes can be warmed as needed.
    • Guests can activate televisions and other appliances automatically. When your guests are home after a long day of exploring the city, it is a luxury to be able to activate televisions or sound systems without having to actually get up and turn anything on manually.
    • Guests can create alarms. No more having to rely on mobile phone alarms when it comes to getting to the airport in time for flights. A smart home assistant will help guests get up on time with a gentle reminder to get up and get moving.
    • Guests can make phone calls. Whether organising an Uber, phoning home or making any other type of call, these tools can also make phone calls on voice command. This may not save a great deal of time, but it will make life a little easier. Most of the better tools quickly learn guests’ speech patterns, ensuring a higher level of accuracy than the voice recognition tools of the past.

    How do you know which system is right for your needs? That decision will come down to your budget and specific preferences. You may find that Amazon’s Alexa app and Echo hub work well, or you may find that Google Home is a better choice for your needs. Do a bit of research online to compare gadgets so that you can make an informed choice. Once you get started with vacation rental home automation, you should see a notable difference in your short term letting success.