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    How to Improve Your Holiday Rental Listings

    • September 22, 2017

    What makes certain holiday rental listings so popular? Why is it that some listings seem to get lost in a sea of similar listings, while others stand out like a sore thumb? As any holiday rental owner knows, listings play an important role in bringing in bookings. A good listing has the power to attract guests, generate positive reviews and encourage repeat bookings. A less than effective listing on the other hand can result in less than impressive results.

    How to Improve Your Holiday Rental Listings

    With that in mind, how do you go about crafting the kind of holiday rental listings that help you succeed? Although this answer has a lot to do with your property itself, there are a few tricks that can help you improve your listings. Keep reading to learn more about these tricks.

    Crafting Better Holiday Rental Listings

    A few tips to help you craft effective holiday rental listings include the following:

    • Be sure of your audience. Listings that target specific travellers often have a better chance of succeeding compared to those that try and cater to everyone. An example of this could be a property that is family friendly, with ample space and extra cots. Or, you could have a tiny apartment that is ideal for business travellers, with features that are useful for corporate travel, such as work desks, for instance. You could target couples, singles or larger groups, or even niche travellers.
    • Be honest about what your property offers. Shared space that has community features? Attic bedroom that is a little tricky to get to? No swimming pool? Small bedrooms? Make sure that your listings are upfront about what your property has to offer, and let guests know if there are any features that may otherwise be confusing. Being clear right from the start will ensure that you do not end up with unhappy guests or bad reviews.
    • Be clear about house rules, too. It is also a good idea to make your house rules easy to find, before guests even make a booking. If you do not permit smoking, say so. If you have a no children or pets rule, make this clear in your listing. Likewise, if you only cater to small groups, have specific rules about noise and neighbours or want guests to be aware of water restrictions, for example, make this clear right from the start.
    • Be visually appealing. In addition to your listing copy, which should clearly outline the features and rooms your property offers, your listing should include professional photographs that further illustrate your property and what guests can expect when staying here. Another upside of good photographs and proper holiday rental styling is that it makes your property Instagram worthy. This in turn helps to bolster your marketing efforts.


    Looking for a way to ensure that your rental investment listings always stand out from the competition? Investing in a short term rental manager gives you the benefit of rental styling, professional photography, professionally written listings, bookings management, day to day management, guest concierge services, marketing and more. Contact Totalstay to learn more about how our team of management experts can help you take your holiday rental listings to the next level.