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How to Lose Holiday Rental Guests Quickly

  • 2017-11-10

If you want to lose holiday rental guests quickly and prevent your booking success from ever taking off, this article is for you. Not too long ago, we shared our tips on ways you may be scaring away short term guests. These tips included things like using bad photos, letting your property fall into neglect, not investing in professional cleaning, forcing too many rules on guests and being in the house all the time.

 How to Lose Holiday Rental Guests Quickly

Following on from those tips, we’re back with some guidelines on the things that put holiday rental guests off. Keep reading to find out what NOT to do if you are serious about succeeding in short term rental.

More Ways to Put Off Holiday Rental Guests

Some additional ways that you may be losing holiday rental guests (unintentionally or otherwise) include the following:

  • Using hidden cameras in your property. Filming guests unawares is just plain creepy. In our guide to holiday rental privacy, we share a story about a couple who found a hidden camera in the bedroom of their rental. Needless to say, the resulting outrage was not pretty. It is illegal to film guests without their knowledge. If you have security cameras on your property, make sure that they are easily to see. You will also need to tell guests personally and in writing so that they are fully aware of any cameras.
  • Ignoring guest concerns and comments. There are many ways to deal with problem guests. Ignoring them is not one of them. If your unofficial policy is to lure guests in then leave them alone until they leave, proceed with caution. Proper guest relations means being on hand to answer questions, listen to concerns and act proactively. This is where it comes in handy to have a dedicated short term rental manager on hand who is able to handle guest interaction on your behalf. You won’t have to deal with questions or comments, but your guests won’t have to feel ignored either.
  • Being rude to guests at any point. There is never any excuse to insult, dismiss, threaten or treat any guest with anything other than respect. Aside from putting your short term rental reputation at risk, this sort of behaviour can also put you on the wrong side of the law. If guests can show that you have discriminated in any way, you could be liable for fines or even jail time.
  • Responding badly to reviews. At the same time, you will also want to watch how you respond to holiday rental reviews. If you typically let emotions take over, venting your frustration by attacking guests who may have given you less than five stars, you will quickly lose out on the chance to enjoy repeat bookings. Rude short term lets quickly get a reputation, and soon, you will find that people will go out of their way to avoid booking your rental. People may also share your response, making you famous for all the wrong reasons.
  • Lie or break promises in any way. Finally, it is also a wise idea to avoid lying or breaking promises in any way. If you attempt to lure guests with an enticing offer, which you then are unable to fulfill, you will pay the price. Be extra careful about how you position your rental. Don’t try to make small short term lets sound bigger. Don’t make it sound like you have a pool when you do not. Don’t be sneaky, full stop.


Follow these tips, consider working with a short term rental management expert, focus on the small details, and you will find that holiday rental guests don’t go running from your property in terror.